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Bound by Darkness - CHAPTER TWO!!!

    Title: The Darkness : Bound By Darkness Rating: R+ (eventually) Ships: Darken Rahl/OC, Richard/Kahlan , hits at Cara/Darken and Cara/OC (other minor ships..eventually) Warnings: AU... not like...to of… um lost… the flash drive the almost finished original chapter two was on so… it took longer than expected to rewrite it. But here is the long awaited chapter two, I hope ya’ll enjoy it

Tags: [fanfiction]: the darkness [fan fiction]

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PIMPAGE for a good cause <3

Get drunk and write fic for a good cause this weekend with hpdrunkfic .

Tags: japan relief [fan fiction] fandom: harry potter harry potter drunk fic

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Human Target Fanfic: A Kiss is Just a Kiss

tree979.livejournal.com/16942.html Title: A Kiss is Just a Kiss Author: tree979 Summary: SPOILER ALERT FOR SEASON 2 FINALE! When Chance tells Guerrero he kissed Ilsa things get VERY complicated VERY...com/16168.html Part 2 tree979.livejournal.com/16451.html Part 3  tree979.livejournal.com/16662.html Part 4 tree979.livejournal.com/16942.html Epilogue tree979.livejournal.com/17382.html

Tags: fan fiction; chance guerrero fan fiction chance

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Fan fiction-Yours forever

  Title:Yours forever  Genre:romance   Characters:Kame,Jin,Karina,Yamapi,Mao  Summary:Kame and JIn go to a party given by their friend Yamapi .Jin is ready to confess his love to Kame ...completely forgive and forget Jin...He renounced to involve in a relationship with a man because he was too offended and finally married a woman he didn't loved ....But at least he was more tranquil

Tags: fan fiction=one shoot

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fighting to get up, falling to the floor.

title. the silence weighs down on my soul characters. Dean. word count.  300 words | rating.  pg [bleak imagery]   summary. AU. As the world turns to ash, Dean must make a choice . notes... the effect it'll have, but then he realises he can't be selfish anymore. It's him or the world. He's made his choice. A deep breath. Dean opens his mouth and calls for an Archangel.   — ∞ —  

Tags: [genre] time travel [fan fiction] supernatural [genre] au .when your world trembles and quakes !fan fiction

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i want your ugly; i want your disease.

title. falling into invisible arms / into an abyss of love characters. Dean/Castiel. (Dean/OFC, Sam, Lucifer, Risa, Chuck.) word count . 988 words | rating. pg-13 [drug use, violence, minor...forearm and pulls me forward. "I'm sorry," he mumbles, "I'm so sorry." I let him wrap his arms around me, as I lay my head on his shoulder and listen to his soft words. — ∞ —

Tags: [pairing] dean castiel [fan fiction] supernatural [genre] slash [genre] 5x04verse !fan fiction

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Fan Fiction - How to Improve your writing.

Since I went to vote on tvd_las  yesterday, I had to read more than 20 short stories from the Vampire Diaries Fandom. I've been reading fan fiction for quite some time, most of them from Harry... considering she hasn't worked there for more than two years now. Those are just a few things that I have often noticed in fan fiction. Have anything you want to add or discuss? Then, leave a comment

Tags: fan fiction writing

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Moonlight's Blessing 3/?

Title: Moonlight's Blessing Fandom: Vampire Knight Pairing: Kaname/Zero Rating: PG-13 Summary: Zero disappeared after the fight with Rido Kuran. Nine years later, he was seen again but along with a little package... Chapter 3

Tags: [fan fiction]

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DW/T fan fiction: Where We've Been and Where We're Going

Title: Where We’ve Been and Where We’re Going Fandom: Doctor Who/Torchwood – AU Character(s): Doctor10, Gwen Rating: PG Summary: Prologue for We Look for the Future – Gwen and the...against black velvet. This wasn’t the Titanic, but it was just as amazing. “Thank you, Doctor,” she breathed before turning her head towards him slowly and smiling. “This is beautiful.”

Tags: [character;torch: gwen] [character;dw: the doctor] [fandom: torchwood] [fan fiction: torchwood] [fan fiction: doctor who] [story;dw+torch: we look for the future] [fandom: doctor who] [fan fiction]

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  HOWARD MOON: SECRET AGENT Epilogue/10+Epilogue Pairing: AU Howard/Vince Author: Unbelievable2 Rating: PG for this chapter, NC17 overall Word Count: 3,236 Summary:                   ...scar! Wanna see it?”   ~ ~ ~ ~ ~   Fin    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~      Howard Moon: Secret Agent will return shortly* in: “The Moon Identity”   *well, he might…… 

Tags: fan fiction; mighty boosh; howard vince;

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