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Ficlet: Life As We Knew It (Ficlet challenge #98)

Title: Life As We Knew It Summary: Remus Lupin packs for his undercover assignment with the werewolves. Between OOTP and HBP. Prompt: Ficlet Challenge #98 It turned colder, that's where it ends...Grimmauld Place was cool, turning colder by the minute. He made sure the door was properly locked, took a few steps and Disapparated. It was the end of life as he knew it. Sara/Hufflepuff/25 point

Tags: character: remus lupin

Posts by hh_sugarquill tagged character: remus lupin 
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Medium: Book Fandom: Harry Potter Subject: Remus Lupin [heavily implied Remus/Sirius] Title: Heaviness In My Head Notes: for the angst challenge at waywardmixes Warnings: mentions of suicide love is a losing hand

Tags: character: remus lupin

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065; 48 icons: Harry Potter for theiconquest

Hi everyone! I'm super excited to post my first batch for theiconquest with 25 icons for chapter one of the main quest, 10 icons for the first sidequest and 13 alternates :D. The theme for the...graphic I've made almost a year ago but never posted: click for bigger version + ON TUMBLR * Comments are love, especially when you take something!

Tags: character: remus lupin

Posts by starry-melodies tagged character: remus lupin 
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