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The State of The Bird

Unemployed, but at least I qualify for unemployment, which will cover the mortgage for six months. I just need to come up with the other $3000/month operating expenses, including COBRA at over $1200/mo...when I owned this place I wanted solar, now it's going to happen. Still need $$$ to do painting and other repairs. If I get work in the new two months, I can use the liquidated stock for house repairs

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NO more days like this, please!

Woke up to find my computer wouldn't boot. Hard drive is apparently completely dead. Wish I'd backed up my NaNoWriMo novel last night; unfortunately, I hadn't done so in two weeks. Anyone reading this have a time machine I could borrow?

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Vart tog sommaren vägen?

... I have a new laptop. My old one was burning up, made so much noise and with a battery which lasted only 9 minutes and an electrical failure it wasn't working out between us. I'm sad - I loved my computer - but I'm starting to love this new one as well. ;) And I'm loving being able to use a laptop like it's supposed to be used. I can actually sit in the garden and write!(When it's not raining,...

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co-op first person shooters which rate you at the end of each level are evil. if it was just me playing and the game rated just me, fine! but doing it in co-op mode is the most insidious thing ever because...and it's super fun. aside from that, i've also been playing grim fandango . finally, after it was mentioned so many times on monkey island . i love manny's accent, HRRRRGH. but guybrush is funnier

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i got my gear in the mail today WHOOOOOOOOOOP. i love getting parcels in the mail. even if it's gear i ordered myself (so i know it's coming), peeling off the packaging is still super exciting. i got...by spiking it up. playing machinarium on my netbook. i love my netbook, man. my mom was against me getting it, but it plays games really well and has better sound than most $1k+ laptops out there

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The parts of a computer are not only the ones you usually use like a monitor, keyboard and mouse. Do you recall the box that you stored the cds for you to use? The Central Processing Unit is also known as the CPU. This functions as the life force and is the computer's heart. This is where the most important components are located. On opening the CPU, you will see that it is comprised of several parts...

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Published: 2 years, 11 months ago (Wed, 25 May 2011 18:37:43 PDT); 2255 bytes


...arrived and i have strapped myself into it. it's meant to improve my posture. there's nothing particularly wrong with my posture, i don't slouch very much, but i still have rounded shoulders and 'computer neck' and recently it's been wreaking havoc just where my neck meets my shoulders. i really hope that this will help things and train me to stand/sit properly because geez, if it aches this much...

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The creation of the chief Computer system Backup System.

...shops within electronic digital kinds. You will discover several sorts of data backup, particularly key data backup, this backup products in addition to tertiary backup products. That group regarding computer system backup products created from determined by that activity executed because of the system. The chief backup system is often referred to as accidental entry memory, as you move this backup...

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Ways to learn sample and creating of your personal sounds correctly

...particular fly gangster rap tones. That representation could be making a person have a good laugh, nevertheless the idea is the truth. If one makes the particular sensible choice to acquire a new computer software as opposed to a browser centered 1. The simple truth is that you have several internet browser dependent software programs that will allow someone to begin to make popular music, perhaps...

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Which Qualities a Decent Home Recording Studio Computer software Must Supply?

The way to master testing and creating of your own sounds perfectly Understanding to be able to create tones is effortless when you get your grip on one or two computer software to produce music . A software program that has been engineered to make songs can help you in several alternatives and through virtually no time at all an individual, you will on the road to producing many amazing music...

Tags: {computer|software} {beats maker|beats software online|creat

Posts by danabennett1645 tagged computer 
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Published: 3 years, 1 month ago (Thu, 24 Feb 2011 01:43:29 PST); 3103 bytes

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