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My curse on them - they know who they are...

Wish the darkness on others long enough and the light that you hide in and depend on will disappear of its own accord - that is my curse to them and those who are knowingly responsible. Reality itself has a stake in all this - only the foolish think that they are not being noticed by something(s) far greater than they might even believe in.

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From the past, for your edification

...harm, claiming, “I didn’t say it, God said it.” Open Letter to Francis Slay, Mayor of the City of St. Louis. Because of the position you have taken against St. Louis Public Schools, you are cursed with a curse. Thus saith the LORD of hosts, I will even send a curse upon you, and I will curse your blessings: yea, I have cursed Francis Slay and all those whom help him already. Cursed shalt...

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I am really good at getting things wrong.

Seriously, if things don't get better fast, I'm going to have a complex totally cemented. And where will I be then!? getting things wrong, the order of events, etc.: one) i am caught being a bit forlorn...and overthink and over-intellectualize my entire life and all of my feelings, and everything that happens to me, and talk it over until the life has been stomped out of it?? ちょういいやだ

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呪いの時期 the curse. Also, fruits basket.

...expecting so much to be afraid of that I have scarcely been able to see the good things around me as they're happening. Reality has felt twisted into a warped focus of my camera lens, into the curve of a curse I'm caught upon. No matter how I turn my fingers, I just circle around until I'm back in the sorrow where I started. So that's why I decided. These events have proven too strong, too binding to be...

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43 - [video]

[ The device turns on to a very nice view of...something brown and lumpy in a pot. It's sitting on the stove, with a book opened beside it. The page it's flipped to reads " RABBIT STEW " followed by a...looked like it had everything Gremio would put in his... [ He finally turns the camera around to show his own face. ] If anyone wants to try some, it'll probably be cool by the time people get here

Tags: ☺Rita Mordio [curse] &poly ☺Toph Bei Fong &ic ☺Klarth F. Lester ☺Aldo ☺Katara ☺Yuri Lowell

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42 - [text+action]

[ Text ] [ After a few days in the forest with no contact with anyone (save a pair of goodbyes and a note for those still in the Suikopartment), Tyr seems to have decided to finally return to society...free to run into him pretty much anywhere in the city if you want to go for action! ooc2: I can only reply on my phone, so I apologise for using the same icon and any spelling mistakes I make! ]

Tags: ☺Kazuma Mikura ☺Aska ☺Ted ☺Iroh [curse] &poly &ic ☺Aldo ☺Apollo ☺Katara

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34th Note

B.Y.O.B.B.Q. Party tonight on the roof of Building 10, from 6:30pm-whenever. We've got a grill going, but only a limited amount of food and drink so no admittance unless you bring something to contribute. Go ahead and bring your teacups but they better be filled with booze. [ooc: action responses are love]

Tags: [curse] mad as a hatter party like a rockstar curse: affected building 10

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][ 023

Okay, so today I learned something. If you get stupid cursed and do something crazy, like basically take over a bar and buy everyone several rounds of drinks, because you think you can afford it and...looking awesome on a regular basis, but I'm not sure if that's a marketable skill here. Also, if you spoke to me last weekend, basically ignore everything I said. I'm really not that much of a jerk

Tags: bitching and moaning [curse] the years that never were hire the mutant curse: after halp plz king magneto i of spain fml quicksilver fast

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In Pieces

In Pieces [ 1 ] [ 2 ] [ 3 ] [ 4 ] by dysonrules   [NC-17] Harry returns to Hogwarts as the new DADA instructor, only to find his teaching efforts thwarted by a very familiar ghost. Pairing: Harry/Draco Sub Pair: Ron/Hermione Other characters:Hogwarts ghosts, Narcissa, the Weasleys

Tags: features: ghosts spirits fest: hd smoochfest 2011 author: cheryl dyson features: magical potion curse spell ` genre: romance features: friendship friendship first pair: harry draco features: living rooming together # type: chaptered multiple parts features: draco-ron friendship kink: wanking with audience $ era: ewe features: "i want you but i can't" * rating: nc-17 features: hogwarts features: professor harry features: caught wanking over the other pair: ron hermione ^ length: over 50k features: supportive ron features: malfoy manor ~ top!harry features: secret lovers

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♪ thirty-ninth water clone [voice]

[As the message begins, Demyx's voice comes in a little raw and strained.] W-Well, Vatheon, you've done it again. I was pretty happy when I got it back during Christmas but now I'm just plain miserable...tone.] A-Anyways... how are things for you guys? Any crazy changes on your end? [Filtered from Lea] If Lea asks, I'm not talking to him. I... I don't really wanna talk about it. [//End filter]

Tags: curse; xxi !voice bad heart no cookie

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