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Might as well be six weeks of winter...

...Because Philip Seymour Hoffman passed away today. Damn, that was sudden. And he was only 46. Sheesh, first Rankin, now Hoffman? :( This post has been crossposted with Dreamwidth at http://shamanicshaymin.dreamwidth.org/79645.html . Pick your poison. Mwoiiiiiiiing~!

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Office of a Sick Man

...us all an email when he left -- pretty candid, but very “upbeat”, in a way which more or less fits his personality, but which is also somewhat obligatory, part of this culture that surrounds death and serious illness, as if being mortal is some sort of self-inflicted embarrassment you have to both apologize for and, paradoxically, “fight”. In any case, what bothers me is the shit in his...

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Two deaths

Friday, Mayor Ed Koch died; very popular in his time. And the body of the much-loved and much-maligned Richard III has been found and identified. I will comment later: not feeling myself today. Ta-ta.

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Thought #2

Some of my relatives are posting this stupid macro that says (paraphrasing): "A person who loses a spouse is a widow/widower. A person who loses both parents is an orphan. But there's no word for a person...is an awful, terrible thing. However, lack of imagination was not the reason there is no word for it. Lack of necessity is. (Not bringing this up on Facebook because I know when to pick my battles.

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and another friend dies, since 2006 i have lost 3 grandparents, 2 ex-girlfriends, and 2 close friends.... wtf?   

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Fic: City Of Angels Fusion

Fic: City of Angels Author: LMX Fandom: Leverage/City Of Angels (FILM) Rating: PG Characters/Pairing: Angel!Alec/Parker Spoilers: None for Leverage, EVERYTHING FOR CITY OF ANGELS Warnings: Language, Fusion.... than an eternity without it." Tears were falling, and Eliot was gone. "Just one." - - And... the piece of music at the end of the film which will kill you dead if you're not already there. xx

Tags: character: nathan ford fandom: leverage character: parker fandom: city of angels character: samuel ford character: sophie devereaux character: archie leach character: eliot spencer music: peter gabriel type: pain death chaos pairing: nate maggie type: fusion leverageland character: alec hardison pairing: hardison parker

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[open] A girl someplace in between

WHO: Death and You! WHAT: wild drunken adventures!  ...Possibly... WHERE: Seattle WHEN: All through the night and the next three days. WARNINGS: God only knows.. SUMMARY: Didi decided to live a bit more after her stint as a zombie, so she's once again living wild and reckless, in Seattle. [ Seattle was wonderfully different from both Manhattan and New Mexico.  Death had to admit, she...

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 I'm starting to think of this year as "The Year Everybody Died"  Morbid, huh? So today I got word that the DH's uncle passed last night.  Expected, but still a blow.  So part of my day was spent...it's still rough.   So another lovely day in the year that sucks.  Seriously, I'm wondering if I should be on meds. Thank goodness to kids are watching stupid cartoons.  I think I'll go join them

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Baby found dead in subway locker

...a subway locker, is under police investigation, Yonhap News has reported. The woman, surnamed Kim, 20, said that four days after she gave birth alone in a motel room, she found her son suffocated to death, face down in a blanket. She apparently then put the dead body in her carrier filled with her clothes, before placing it in the subway locker of Shinpung station. After making the finding,...

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(Chapter 6) Death's Scion

...bands mentioned in this fic and any similarities to them is purely coincidental. Warning: Malexmale relationships and scenes of an explicit sexual nature. Use of bad language. Abuse. Violence. Death. Summary: They called him the Reaper: the number 1 assassin to the Tsukuma crime family. Lethal, dangerous... and an irresistible target for those that would either love or hate him. Author's...

Tags: death's scion dio crazy shampoo nc-17 madokaxshiina mio canzel unsraw madokaxmikaru

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Published: 2 years, 10 months ago (Fri, 10 Jun 2011 16:47:17 PDT); 47 Kb

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