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More Giftmas Ficlets...some of which I SWORE I posted...

...and started walking west. From the shadows, red eyes watched, confused and disturbed by the strangest sense of déjà vu. Then the third day passed and time reset and the feeling was gone. FF7 ficlet “I smell like your girlfriend.” Cloud sounded so glum that Zack had to laugh. He laughed even harder when Aeris swatted Cloud on the ass, making him yelp. “You make that sound like...

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More ficlets I really thought I had posted but can't find...

Seriously, there is a terrible feeling of deja vu here. FF7 They tell Cloud that it’s over, that it’s time for him to get over it -- Him, the past, everything -- and to focus on the future, but they don’t get it. Rufus hints about possible “career opportunities” -- always carefully worded and always through the Turks -- while Barrett all but states that a woman like Tifa ain’t gonna...

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"a final fantasy rave"

i tried to log into minecraft but i couldn't so im gonna make a blog i should probably post about this..... thing from last month ahahahahaha ok so you guys know how i have like.................... a...next FF event if i would "just chill on stage in the cloud costume for a while, for show" but, i did not go to the next event. so this happened, and i've shared it with all of you. have a nice da

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[ 003 ] Open || In the still of the night

Taking a step past the school doors, one can expect to be instantly assaulted by the cold and crisp air that has overtaken the British Isles. There's a fresh blanket of snow that seemed to have appeared...there's no mistletoe unless you want there to be~ Plus, I've got a lot of fighting events lined up after this. THAT'S a promise. So, one more little squibble of innocence before the violence comes?

Tags: !holiday: winter solstice !hogwarts [ff7] tifa lockhart [sin city] miho [naruto] tenten !au

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[ 002 ] Open || This, our town of Halloween

It's the day that most kids look forward to every year, second only to Christmas, and maybe even the Fourth of July. But where Christmas has presents and the Fourth has fireworks, this holiday has something...again and bring them into the 21st Century. So have at it, guys! Note : The Full Moon Festival will resume after this event. I just thought it'd be a fun thing to do for the month of October. ^^

Tags: [ff7] tifa lockhart !au holiday: halloween

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[ 001 ] Open || Dear old golden rule days

You've dreaded the day for months now, but as the saying goes, all good things must come to an end. But what an end it will be. Classes are set to start in a week or two and you've already got all...make new threads. Chances are you know the school better than I could ever describe it. And feel free to spread out between the four houses. Variety is the spice of life, after all~ Now go crazy!

Tags: [dg-m] kanda yuu [ff7] tifa lockhart [sin city] miho [tov] rita mordio [marvel] peter 'spiderman' parker [tov] yuri lowell [naruto] tenten !au !hogwarts [naruto] mitarashi anko [tota] sync [tota] ion [naruto] aburame shino

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Various Icons~

Icons Final Fantasy VII [#01-09] Zack Fair [#10-15] Cloud Strife [#16-17] Aerith Gainsborough [#18-26] Zack/Cloud Final Fantasy VIII [#31-38] Rinoa Heartilly [#39-40] Squall Leonhart [#41]...you're taking it. & Please NO hotlinking. & Do not take credit for any of my work. I work hard on my graphics and would be sad to find someone doing that. & Enjoy!! && Feel free to Join/Watch for updates!

Tags: [ff8] rinoa heartilly [kingdom hearts] zack fair [ff7] zack fair [ff8] squall leonhart [the lion king] kiara [devil may cry] nero !icons [ff8] zell dincht [ff7] cloud strife [devil may cry] kyrie [btvs angel] drusilla [ff7] aerith gainsborough

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