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Drabble: Cupboard Plans

Title: Cupboard Plans - Sequel to ‘Cupboard Hunt’ Author: badly_knitted Characters: Jack, mentions Ianto Rating: G Written For: ... Well, now Jack’s found the cupboard, what will he do? Disclaimer: I don’t own Torchwood, or the characters. Cupboard Plans

Tags: fic: jack

Posts by torch-wood tagged fic: jack 
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Fic: A Deleted Scene

Title: A Deleted Scene Pairing/Characters: Tosh, Jack/Ianto Spoilers: none Word Count: ~975 Rating: R Warning: language and sexual references Summary: When Tosh recovers a missing fragment...course, she would never mention it, and neither would he. But perhaps, just maybe, he wanted her to know. Wishing didn't cost a thing, and wasn't that a wonderful thought? She clicked “yes.”

Tags: fic: jack ianto fic: tosh

Posts by lone_star_woman tagged fic: jack 
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Fic: 3 Weeks Ago - Week 1 (Jack/Daniel)

Warnings: AU,Clone!Daniel,firsttimes (eventually...hopefully) and um... Unbeta'd - yes, I know - sorry. ;) Wordcount: 1560 Week 1 The boardwalk was silent at 2am, the hordes of tourists with...the hypnotic turn of the tide and made his way, silent and alone, to his cabin. Continued at AoO HERE "Okay, I'll have the truth with a side order of clarity, please." ~ Dr. Daniel Jackso

Tags: fic: jack daniel fic: au fic: 2011 stargate sg-1 fic: 3weeksago daniel jackson

Posts by ravenholdt tagged fic: jack 
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Just in case there still are people out there who like to read Jack/Tony... jack/ tony: Without you jack/ tony: 60 Seconds Please comment if you read!

Tags: fic: jack tony

Posts by jack_tony tagged fic: jack 
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Lost Fic: Just Passing Through (Jack/Sawyer)

Title: Just Passing Through Pairing: Jack/Sawyer Rating: R (Character Death) Words: 963 Disclaimer: Not mine. Summary: Sawyer’s got an appointment to keep. A/N: Written for ciaimpala who requested Jack/Sawyer + “The Jeopardy Room.” I’m sad to say this bears little resemblance to the The Twilight Zone ep, but I hope you like it anyway. Happy Halloween!

Tags: fic: jack sawyer fic:lost fic: sawyer

Posts by ozmissage tagged fic: jack 
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fic: then/now

Fandom: Stargate SG1 Pairing: Jack/Daniel no spoilers, no warnings. Summary: it's a backstory of jack for a much larger story that i wrote (called if/then). Jack met Dave when he was at the Academy...couldn’t turn back. He decided then and there that he was tired of waiting for something that would never come, and when he smiled at Daniel and Daniel smiled back, he knew it was the right decision

Tags: fic: jack daniel fic: stargate

Posts by overreact tagged fic: jack 
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Three Lost Ficlets

Title: pray to god we won't live to see the death of everything that's wild Pairing: Jack/Sawyer Rating: R (Sex, Violence, Character Deaths) Words: 1,460 Disclaimer: Not mine. Title snagged...answer’s still no. Might always be no, but he’s getting there. They both are. He kisses her on the cheek, soft and chaste. It’s not much, but it’s a start. “Almost, Freckles,” he says.

Tags: fic: jack sawyer fic: claire fic:lost fic: sawyer claire jack fic: kate

Posts by ozmissage tagged fic: jack 
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Lost Fic: Ever After (Happily) (Sawyer/Juliet/Jack)

Title: Ever After (Happily) Pairing: Sawyer/Juliet/Jack Rating: PG-13 Words: 1,465 Disclaimer: Not mine. A small bit of dialogue excerpted from "Through the Looking Glass." Summary: After...and Sawyer lets David ride on his shoulders, his sticky baby hands tangling in Sawyer’s hair and they ride it out. They make it home, the four of them, and Sawyer adds one more after to their list.

Tags: fic: jack sawyer luau 2010 fic:lost fic: sawyer juliet jack fic:sawyer

Posts by ozmissage tagged fic: jack 
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Lost Fic: keep the car running (Jack/Sawyer)

Title: keep the car running Pairing: Jack/Sawyer Rating: R (sex) Words: 900 Disclaimer: Not my boys. Title from the Arcade Fire song. Summary: Jack always finds him, but it’s not like Sawyer’s...doing much hiding. AU season four. A/N: Written for Queens invisiblelove and ciaimpala who requested “Jack” and “Reunions”. I hope you ladies don’t mind sharing.

Tags: fic: jack sawyer luau 2010 fic:lost fic: sawyer slash

Posts by ozmissage tagged fic: jack 
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"I Honour The Spirit" Drabble Jack/Gwen PG13

Title: I Honour The Spirit Pairing: Jack/Gwen Rating: PG13 Wordcount: 100 Notes: Written for tw100 . Challenge 159. Reverse fandom challenge: Lost, Episode title: Namaste. Unbeta-ed. Summary: What the Captain saw.

Tags: fic: jack gwen fanfic

Posts by house_of_cooper tagged fic: jack 
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