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.01 CRACKFIC - Shipping Shenanigans

Fandom: Final Fantasy VII Prompt: 01 - CRACKFIC Title: Shipping Shenanigans Rating/Warnings: T; language. Pairing: Reno/Yuffie, Elena/Tseng, Zack/Cloud Summary: She would always...her head up and gave him a quick peck on his lips. She walked her fingers up his thigh. “But for real, you ever kiss anyone else and I’ll kill ‘em, and you won’t get laid for a year.”

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[Fic] I have a rendezvous with death [1/24]

Title: I Have a Rendezvous With Death Rating: M Main Pairings : Sephiroth/Cloud, Rufus/Reno. Genre : Action/Adventure, Romance, Angst, Time travel Warnings : M/M...it all. As her glowing energy began to unravel, she felt the darkness reach out to her, touching her gently like her mother used to stroke her hair. Thank you .

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While waiting for my friend to finish compiling our final project, I watched this video: I remember feeling awesome while playing this part of FF7 coz I could slap Scarlet! *gleeeeeee*

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Compilation of Final Fantasy VII Question

I'm writing a fanfic set around Advent Children, but the FF7 Compilation is not my primary interest in that fandom. I'm taking a rare excursion into Compilation territory and I am ridiculously fuzzy on...recommend a better Turk or Shinra-affiliated character with whom this scenario would work? I've got a really complicated mystery/mistaken-identity thing lined up and I want a bit of dramatic irony

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Seriously internet? Is there really not one buddy cop AU about Sephiroth and Zack? Even from the millions upon millions of fics in which they are fucking, there is not one? It has to be out there, just...Fuzz-style Tiger and Bunny AU and I'm sure that if I found it it would be terrible but goddamn, the serious uptight superior officer paired with the goof-off hyper rookie is too ridiculously perfect

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→001. [video]

[Aerith had arrived a few hours ago, injured and extremely confused. It had taken a couple of moogles some time to calm her down and explain what they could. Not that they'd given her much to go on -...the area. [There is a long pause as she tries to think of anything else - should she ask for her friends? Ask about her home? She decides to just leave it as it is for now and the video cuts off.

Tags: [final fantasy vii] aerith gainsborough

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Third shot fired

[Yazoo can be seen, not particularly amused, near a Christmas tree. Or at least he assumed that's what it was. He did not understand why anyone would enjoy decorating a soon to be dead plant. But then...that often did not make logical sense]. Hm. How pointless. I wonder if the rest of you truly realize how pathetic these holiday festivities are. It just shows how right Mother was about humanity

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o1 ▣ audio

[ first there's the sound of something heavy being set into the ground. then a sigh follows. ] Never seems to end, does it? [ he sits down, muttering to himself ] And here I thought it was finally done with.

Tags: cloud strife [final fantasy vii]

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[ You see a man at a ranch, tending to some massive birds-- chocobos. They've been free range for a while now, but he's just gotten done going through a million random encounters bringing them back...guy up and leaves for a while, don't they? [ He pats her beak, she shakes her head, as if indignantly agreeing. ] I guess that's a no for a ride this afternoon, huh? Can't say I don't deserve it

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ϟ 01 strike [video]

[the fal'cie certainly have picked a convenient time to screw around with her, haven't they? they'd just been about to go up and pay a visit to orphan, after sojourning on pul-- gran pulse for awhile...someone out in awhile. her knuckles are itching to connect with someone's jaw.] Hope? Fang? Snow? If any of you are here, report to me immediately. We're going to find a way out of here. Now

Tags: [final fantasy xiii] lightning farron [kingdom hearts] sora [final fantasy x] tidus [kingdom hearts] cloud [tangled] rapunzel [final fantasy vii] zack fair

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