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I guess it's that time again..

Let's try this.... I'll play the game again. Let's see what happens.

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for mayfield_rpg.

A) [Phone] You know, I've been thinking.  The more time I spend here, the more I forget about the things I used to enjoy.  Is that weird?  Like, I used to listen to music all the time back home. ...licking at it's paw, but Raleigh continues onward.  She keeps staring, eyes squinting.  Raleigh seems way too focused on... whatever the hell she's doing to notice anyone else.  Go bother her.

Tags: [game] mayfield_rpg [canon] lost at sea

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-1- [Action] [It's before school, and Kumatora's younger drone brother is following her. She gives an exasperated sigh, then turns to face him.] Hey. Hey, kid, I toldya to stop followin' me already...to meetcha and all that. Anyways, the clothes here suck pretty bad. I've only got a bunch of girly things, and they're all weird looking. Anyone got any normal clothes? Anyone know where I can get 'em

Tags: [game] mayfield_rpg [player] din [canon] mother

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SRWUG@ Is my Goal

1) [Terui has just barged into some serious business that you have under your jurisdiction. One that he seems to have taken interest in as it ties into a matter of his own. Before you can say anything...] Despair awaits me at the finish line. [This is all the warning you have before he makes a break for it to save his pride and dignity. STOP HIM AND MAKE HIM FEEL HUMILIATION LIKE A REAL MAN!]

Tags: [game] srwug_alpha_rp [player] vjockey [canon] kamen rider double w

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For mayfield_rpg

A. [phone post] I know there is potato salad, but I was wondering if there were any other ways to creatively prepare potatoes for a meal. One cannot live on potato salad alone, I am afraid. B. [action at Mayfield elementary school] [Mr. Undersn is brooding. Again. Bother him? y/y]

Tags: [game] mayfield_rpg [canon] guilty gear

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{Tricks&Treats, Game#1}

pick a number between 1-51!

Tags: {game}

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Reserved at Mayfield Just for Practise..

A, [Action] [A blonde girl can be snooping around the library, one thing you'll notice about her is that she seems kinda lost.] Man...I'm like so hungry......They took me away when I was about to eat...recognize. C, [Action] [Here she is again trying to order a drink from a fast food stand. The vendor laughs at her funny looking Cat-Ears, and this irritants her.] Hey don't laugh at my ears

Tags: [game] mayfield_rpg [canon] vocaloid

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FOR MAYFIELD! Mesousa the Bunny from Pani Poni Dash!

A) [Phone] [A small voice can be heard over the phone.  It is a voice filled with an incredible sadness and couldn't come from someone more than a foot tall.] "I know that I'm just a small an pathetic... When you answer you see him holding a basket of turnips and smiling.] "I've brought you you turnip ration. You should take them- turnips are very good for you and the greens will keep your coat shiny.

Tags: [game] mayfield_rpg [canon] pani poni dash

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To Imperial Saga, first voice test!

1. [Action - The Major's House (Fight Prompt)] [Despite being a leader of his own faction, the Millennium, within the kingdom of the Emperor's Right Hand, the Major retained a relatively low rank...Hand". They're but coddled babes who value thoughts like "rationality" and "reason", priding themselves to be our empire's "hand of peace". Then what would that make us as our emperor's "sword hand"

Tags: [game] imperial_saga [canon] hellsing

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for anemoi_rp

- 1 - [ Karne isn't the particularly social type, but it gets lonely very often without a close friend or two to hang out with. This is why she approaches you, even if she might not know you that well...Karne is rather puzzled by the newly recovered piece of memory. A finger resting on her chin, she looks up at the dim sky that early evening and softly mutters to herself. ] Was it always that way

Tags: [player] jae [game] anemoi_rp [canon] crepuscule

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