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Fest Fic - Frightful It Must Be

Title: Frightful Must It Be Author: starduchess Prompt: #27 – Frankenstein Gift for: the_bitter_word Characters: Harry, Hermione, Snape Word Count: ~1860 Rating:  R Beta:   fire_juggler Thank you, dear! Summary: Harry couldn’t bring them all back, but he could try with Snape. Warnings: (highlight to read)* some violence * Author's Notes:  I tried...

Tags: type: fic fest entry pairing: harry hermione snape 2011 halloween creature fest

Posts by hp_creatures tagged hermione 
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Published: 2 years, 9 months ago (Sun, 30 Oct 2011 15:33:08 PDT); 14 Kb


Two for the Price of One - Blaise/Hermione/Draco - Gift for missjo1

Title: Two for the Price of One Author: Gift For: missjo1 Disclaimer: No copyright infringement is intended; all canon characters and places belong to JK Rowling. Pairing: Blaise/Hermione/Draco Rating: NC17 Word Count:5000 Warnings: Threesome, slash, anal (M/M, F/M,F/M/M) Summary: Hermione finds a new law strangely delightful Author's Notes: Beta’d by MissyBlueWorld ~*~*~ Hermione...

Tags: round five: fiction rating: nc17 round five: blaise hermione draco

Posts by hermione_smut tagged hermione 
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Published: 2 years, 9 months ago (Sat, 29 Oct 2011 16:46:04 PDT); 30 Kb


The Tides of Summer - Lucius/Hermione/Severus - Gift for phoenix_fancies

... Author: Gift For: phoenix_fancies Disclaimer: No copyright infringement is intended; all canon characters and places belong to JK Rowling. Pairing: Lucius/Hermione/Severus Rating: NC17 Word Count: 7365 Warnings: Threesome, slash, anal Summary: Grown-up Hermione has a very... nice vacation. Author's Notes: Beta’d by BlueArtemis ~*~*~ It...

Tags: round five: fiction rating: nc17 round five: lucius hermione severus

Posts by hermione_smut tagged hermione 
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Published: 2 years, 9 months ago (Sat, 22 Oct 2011 17:47:01 PDT); 45 Kb


HP ficlet: The Downsides of Hero-dom [Harry, Ron, Hermione, general]

Title: The Downsides of Hero-dom Author: celandineb Fandom: HP Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione (H/H/R references) Rating: general Length: 500 words Summary: Ron is dismayed by what happens after he is described as a hero in the Prophet . Note: For quill_it , 100.3, prompt 37, "heroes". For ancarett who requested Harry & Ron. I didn't manage gen, but the threesome is only...

Tags: hp ficlets harry hermione ron hp quill-it 100.3

Posts by cels_fic_haven tagged hermione 
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Published: 2 years, 11 months ago (Wed, 31 Aug 2011 16:27:02 PDT); 4656 bytes


Somebody Waiting on You (Charles/Moira, Hermione/Alex, PG-13, 3/?)

Title: Somebody Waiting on You Author: Karen U Pairing/Character: Charles/Moira, eventual Alex/Hermione Disclaimer: No one you recognize belongs to me.  The X-Men are the property of Marvel comics, and Harry Potter and characters are the property of JK Rowling Rating: PG-13 Summary: The should have never met, not really.  At least not like this.  But they did. Spoilers:  starts after X-Men: First...

Tags: hermione alex x-men charles moira harry potter somebody waiting on you

Posts by karen_fic tagged hermione 
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Femslash: 'The Illegal Animagus Subjugation Front' by bartzina13

Title: The Illegal Animagus Subjugation Front Gaining Access: Open access Author: bartzina13 Length/Word Count: ~3000 Pairing: Hermione Granger/Rita Skeeter Rating: NC-17 Why everyone should read this: In keeping with the antagonistic relationship theme of my last rec, I thought I would make my final rec of the month another, and no one writes antagonistic Rita/Hermione...

Tags: hermione rita july femslash

Posts by crack_broom tagged hermione 
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Published: 2 years, 12 months ago (Mon, 01 Aug 2011 10:10:28 PDT); 2824 bytes


Humpfest 2011 Master List

...you all soon for our weekly drabble postings, or for Humpathon 2011 in the fall!! Thank you!! Het Art: ♥ looneylunafan drew " Didn't Make it Back to the Bedroom (Draco Malfoy/Hermione Granger) ♥ looneylunafan drew " Take What You Want " (Draco Malfoy/Ginny Weasley) ♥ redheadsarehot drew " Secret Snogging " (George Weasley/Luna Lovegood) Slash Art: ...

Tags: w: ragdoll c: harry potter p: george luna w: pagan_toon76 p: dudley tonks p: bill *humpfest 2011 w: redheadsarehot c: sirius black w: kerplankia t: harry hermione ron w: lunalovepotter c: septima vector c: severus snape w: luvscharlie c: rose zeller p: draco w: mihnn c: cedric diggory p: harry oc c: bill weasley w: ncp w: arctic_comet c: pansy parkinson c: nymphadora tonks harry p: ginny snape w: mollywheezy w: badjujuboo w: hpfangirl71 p: astoria roger c: roger davies w: downjune w: looneylunafan p: rose septima c: oliver wood c: ginny weasley p: millicent neville c: scorpius malfoy w: triomakesmehot c: seamus finnigan c: draco malfoy w: naturegirlrocks p: albus severus draco w: scarletladyy p: remus sirius c: molly weasley c: astoria greengrass p: oliver percy c: dudley dursley pansy c: hermione granger ginny p: arthur molly p: hannah w: persephone33 p: rose weasley scorpius c: arthur weasley c: neville longbottom w: bendleshnitz1 w: enchantedteapot w: wendypops p: pansy seamus w: pointblankdarcy w: pyrobear c: remus lupin p: alice c: george weasley c: millicent bulstrode c: ron weasley c: percy weasley c: hannah abbott w: dexstarr c: rose weasley w: goddessvicky w: gypsyflame w: leigh_adams p: cedric !admin c: albus severus potter c: luna lovegood c: alice longbottom w: abigail89 w: slytherinjunkie w: museme87 p: hermione w: lar_laughs

Posts by hp_humpdrabbles tagged hermione 
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Published: 3 years ago (Fri, 29 Jul 2011 02:13:11 PDT); 18 Kb


fic: and love will not break

Title: and love will not break Author: preromantics Pairing: Harry/Hermione (background: Victoire/Teddy, Albus Severus/Scorpius, past-Harry/Ginny, past-Ron/Hermione, various canon pairings) Rating: PG Word Count: ~6600 words Notes: Title from Mumford & Sons . Epilogue compliant, past/current canon pairings, no bashing. Summary: Wedding planning, young love, and finding contentment...

Tags: hermione harry

Posts by quills_inkstain tagged hermione 
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Hidden 2/10

Title :  Hidden 2/10 Author : Pinkfangs Claim : Lucius/Hermione Table : Classic Prompt : Lonely Rating : PG Summary : She was his nurse and his protector. Warnings : None... Notes : Written for 10_hurt_comfort   (  Read more...  )

Tags: hermione lucius fic

Posts by silver_vs_gold tagged hermione 
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Title :  Hidden 1/10 Author : Pinkfangs Claim : Lucius/Hermione Table : Classic Prompt : Injured Rating : PG Summary : He flew into her life like the wind. Warnings : None... Some blood and hinting at earlier violence. Notes : This is the first of a drabble series entitled, Hidden .  Written for 10_hurt_comfort     (  Read more...  )

Tags: hermione lucius fic

Posts by silver_vs_gold tagged hermione 
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