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...Harper announced this week that the government will be holding cross-country consultations in advance of celebrations over the next four years to mark a large number “defining moments” in Canada’s history. While these moments will include some non-military milestones such as Canada’s 150th birthday in 2017, the majority will center on the 100th anniversary of the First World War and the Second...

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Народ нечаянно нагрянет

http://kommersant.ru/doc/2353186 Обычно для объяснения революций ищут объективные причины: нищета, угнетение "простого народа"...занималась еще с XIX века, но Шеллинг первым заговорил о коллективном поведении как рациональном и осмысленном

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Watching Rose play on the floor, I'm remembering back to 2009 at this time. Jesse and I had just been out on our first date. Thanksgiving was coming up, and we were trying to figure out when we could...until January.) I missed posting on our meetaversary, but I just was thinking how lucky I am and how much I love my husband. Happy four years, jesse_in_boston . I still sparkle for you.

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mein Herz

новая развлекуха – проект «имя победы» , где предлагают выбрать полководца, который, по мнению жителей России... В итоге, вспомнив прошлый проект "символ России", проголосовал за Ермолова. Daniel Maclise . Peter the Great in Deptford Dockyard, 1857

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Graphic Dump

... Phantom of the Opera Various Period movies History Icons LOTR Doctor Who Narnia

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Week 13: Current Events

...shaking and crying. Only when our teacher brings out lined paper and asks us to write what we've witnessed, with the promise that we don't have to sign our names, do I divulge what I've seen. -- History repeats itself. Now, it's not the Jews. Not the African-Americans. It's children who are just trying to go to school and learn, who may have a sexual orientation that's not the norm. And it's not...

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Historical / Royal Relationships

Claim any historical or royal relationship! For historical, at least one of the partners must be deceased; but any living royal relationships are fine. They do not have to be romantic. Examples: Queen... LIST OF CLAIMS Laura Ingalls + Almanzo Wilder - wawwhite   Use the following code on your profile or one from the user info . ♥ PERSON 1 + PERSON 2 is mine at ♥

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Eras & Events

Claim a historical era or event! Check out this list to get an idea of what is available for claiming. It will help me out a lot if you're very specific in what you're claiming! Please let me know what... western United States, 1800-1920 - wawwhite   Use the following code on your profile or one from the user info . ✍ ERA in LOCATION during YEARS is mine at ✍

Tags: history royalty: eras and events .claims 11-20

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→ first meetings OO3

  [WAR] *Salio de su habitacion sin demasiadas ganas de hecho, no habia tenido buenos dias, si, habia dormido...pero no habia tenido los mejores sueños y las cosas en su mente estaban cambiando...War para esa tarea en particular*Al menos deja que cure esa cosas en tu rostro...*comento*No soy bueno en lucha cuerpo a cuerpo quizas pero en primeros auxilios podria irme mejor...*bromeo* [...]

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黒い 王子様

Day 27 1: Name two of the most significant people in your life and explain why. 2: What is your stance on religion? Would you affiliate yourself with any? 3: What band / musician is most important to...a lie, SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME I AM NOT THE ONLY ONE TO MAKE THIS ASSOCIATION .  /)____(\  Because I'm feeling reeeeaaaaally awkward for it right about now. -afhjsdljahal YUUUIIIIII  ;^;  

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