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Japan days 2 and 3!

Konbanwa minna ;) once again I'm resting at the hotel and nursing my foot from all the walking I've done the past 3 days. Haha Well I went to Shinjuku yesterday and admired the city's skyline. In the... Seeing as I still have time after that, I also went to Ebisu and finally, Ikebukuro *cough*Otome Road*cough*. The amount of yaoi and BL manga and doujin I found there was heavenly vhahaha. Yaoi love

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Fujita Maiko - Aitai

Titolo originale; tradotto 会いたい ; voglio vederti di 藤田麻衣子; Fujita Maiko ここは懐かしい 見慣れた地下鉄 ここから見える この車両 Questo posto mi fa tornare...non ti raggiungerò. Tra le persone che camminano e vanno avanti, la tua figura non c'è. Forza, alza lo sguardo, è solo un po' di nostalgia. あなたを思い出した Mi sono ricordata di te

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selling pre-loved jpop merchandise (for ph only)

Hi, I'm helping a friend out in selling some of her jpop merchandise. You may mention me @_beoutiful or message me at +639989841566 for details or requests for photos of the items. THE PRICES ARE NOT FINAL , my friend just really wants to get rid of these so maybe we can work something out. Share with your friends, if they might be interested! Thanks a lot! UCHIWA Okura Tadayoshi (mint condition...

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First Post: Long, convoluted ponderings of a fangirl.

...Yori Dango in 2010?), I've always liked the few Arashi tracks that I knew (Love So Sweet, One Love, Everything, Season, etc.) but I never really bothered to follow the fandom. I mean, most of the Jpop artists that I love (Amuro Namie and Koda Kumi) have no established fanbase - nothing like Kpop, so it was mostly just spazzing by my own lonesome self with a few friends that enjoyed Jpop. But I...

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kpop updates/news within the past month?

...at a place where internet was really slow, so I don't even know what happened in the past month. I want to catch up on kpop so anyone can recommend any interesting kpop music that was released between May 17th up until now or any interesting news that happened in kpop (or korean entertainment industry in general). (It can be jpop related stuff too since I do listen to that as well) Thanks. :D

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A No Minwoo-Mika Nakashima fanfic

Hi everyone. Pardon my ignorance in posting. I'm kinda new to posting journal entries. I've finally decided to share this story of mine. Hopefully you'll get to enjoy. I hope you can give me pointers...came up with a moniker for her. As infamous as Voldemort is to the world of wizards, "he who must not be named", Mika became "she who you must not date". Only because they said, she is allergic to love..

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Guilty Crown

Нашел тут на харде скачанный около года назад Guilty Crown и досмотрел до конца. Странное аниме. Сделано хорошо, нарисовано...до самого конца сериала. Все они какие-то сволочные. Но вот опенинг там клевый, да. P.S. Эти глаза на 0:21. Бррр

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Icons (various fandoms)

(J-actress/model) Ryo [13] (Fairies) Shinomura Miki [9] (AKB48) Takamina [29], Sayaka [13], Abe Maria [9] ( Game One ) Daniel Budiman [12] (J-actor) Mokomichi Hayami [18] (HSJ) Takaki Yuya [22], Yuya/Chinen [1], Yuya/Keito [1], Okamoto Keito [12] (Kanjani8) Nishikido Ryo [20] + various pairings [56] Preview: (just four previews, not to spam you)

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Introducing myself

# I`m Ani Well, not really. It`s not my real name. My real name is Anne . You pronounce english letters so different in german, but I will try anyway. The a you pronounce like when you say "ahhh", you...pairing in my stories too, so I usually don`t use many other characters. Maybe one, but thats it. It`s not really a bad thing in my opinion. It`s just the way I write. Some people like it, some don`t

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Posts by shiningani tagged jpop 
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selling a few of my jpop & jrock CDs!

Hi there.  I have a couple of things to sell, well, all jpop & jrock CDs, that I don't need anymore and would like to pass them on to someone who would appreciate them more! :) I took perfectly good care of them, they're not sealed but they're all in 100% perfect condition. They're all original Japanese editions and almost all of them limited editions. So, these are the items for sale and their prices...

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Posts by yelena123 tagged jpop 
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