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w.i.p. #1

petals m inho ♡ k ey ♡ t aemin oneshot(?) ⟶ pg; love in threes. There’s a flower he sees every June. It’s strange with three flat layers and odd colors...before so I'm excited :3 It's going to be light fluff, nothing too dramatic. I think I'd like to finish this one :) Wondering why I'm posting incomplete stories? Refer to this post. Grashiass~

Tags: !w.i.p. ❧minho key taemin

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Blackthorn [Oneshot]

Title: Blackthorn Pairing: Key/Krystal Genre: Mannequin!AU, Angst Rating: PG-13 Word Count: 1300 Disclaimer: Not mine. Summary: He waited almost three centuries for this. A/N: This is not going to make any sense if you didn’t read The House of Mannequin ; namely, chapter 5 . A look into what went on Jonghyun’s bedroom when Krystal came back, and she and Key had an intense conversation while...

Tags: key krsytal oneshot fantasy!au pg !fanfic

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[twoshot] cravings; jonghyun/key/taemin; nc-17

  It was five minutes later that Key agreed, reluctantly, to Jonghyun's threesome idea. But it wasn't how he thought it would be. He looked over at Jonghyun and Taemin fucking on the kitchen table. Taemin was on his back holding his legs up in the air, exposing his asshole to Jonghyun whose member was erect from the image before him. Jonghyun entered Taemin's ass with a powerful thrust and Taemin's...

Tags: rating: nc-17 fandom: kpop fic: request ot3: jonghyun key taemin fic: twoshot author: rantingkame genre: smut

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[twoshot] cravings; jonghyun/key/taemin; nc-17

  Key thrusted his tongue into Taemin's warm mouth. They moved closer on the couch. Key placed his hand on top of Taemin's member that was still concealed under his jeans. Taemin broke the kiss to catch his breath, but Key wouldn't have it. He gripped the back of Taemin's head with his hands and crushed their lips together. "Key!" Taemin gasped, Key moved from Taemin's mouth to his collarbone...

Tags: rating: nc-17 fic: request fandom: shinee fic: twoshot genre: smut fandom: kpop ot3: jonghyun key taemin author: rantingkame

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Title: Lollipop Pairing: Minho/Jinki, Taemin/Key, Jonghyun/Key/Taemin Rating: R WC: 2300 This is a shamelss pwp, I warned you! Birthday gift for princessliette   Lollipop To make it easy, Minho will definitely put the blame all onto Kibum, yeah, definitely him. If only their residence Diva didn’t put a fight with their maknae, who happens to be the Diva’s boyfriend...

Tags: taemin key rated: r shinee !fanfiction !oneshot onew minho jonghyun

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The Boy is Mine

Title:  The Boy is Mine Pairing:  Key/Nicole, Key/Krystal (?) Summary:  who owns Key? Based on Brandy and Monica's 'The Boy is Mine' i wrote this while waiting for my mom, and it's weird =)) Krystal’s hair cascades over her shoulder when she walks casually over the aisle. Her eyes show determination when she catches the sight of a beautiful short haired girl dressed in a white waitress...

Tags: key krystal shinee rated: pg !fanfiction nicole

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Drabble Dump #3

Title: Peck Pairing: Jonghyun/Taemin Rating: PG Title: Bed Time Pairing: Key/Taemin Rating: PG Peck: Due to his surgery, Jonghyun was forced to sit out of SHINee’s activities for a few weeks to months, depending on how long it took him to heal. But to him, even a day seemed like an eternity. He missed his members, he missed having fun with them; he missed it all. “This...

Tags: *key taemin *jonghyun *shinee *fanfic

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[graph] idoles' faces

| 김기범   Original picture from Hellobabo 's (clik!) TUMBLR.

Tags: key; | 김기범

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I Thought You'd Always Be Mine

This is written for the prompt 'through the years', for Jonghyun/Key. Woo, two prompts down in one day. I feel optimistic about finishing this challenge right now :D Title: I Thought You'd Always Be Mine Genre: angst Pairing: JongKey Rating: PG Synopsis: Jonghyun and Key's relationship changes forever Disclaimer: I don't own SHINee. Word Count: 931 Key knew he was vain. He was told so all...

Tags: key jonghyun angst shinee one-shot

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shinee drabbles

ALL FROM SHINEE'S RANDOM PAIRING GENERATOR THAT YOU CAN FIND HERE hehehe , this was all inspired by  asteraseae   u < they are not serious. Title: Chocolate Pairing: Key/Taemin Rating: G "Hyung! I love your chocolate!" Taemin smiled and chomped happily on the homemade chocolate that Key made, even though it was crooked and looked not very appetizing. "Thank you Minnie!" Key patted...

Tags: key taemin rating: g minho onew jonghyun drabbles rating: pg

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