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Fic: From The Other Side

Title: From The Other Side Word Count: 220 Authors Note: I wrote another story! This one is about after James and Lily have died, a little first person POV on James, here, as I attempt to work out his kinks. I knew he couldn't see me. He couldn't know I was there, standing beside him. Even if I reached out to touch him, he wouldn't be able to feel my hand. So I watched, silently, for eleven...

Tags: lily james fanfiction

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HIMYM fic: waiting for something to do

Title: waiting for something to do Author: torigates Characters: Ted/Marshall, Marshall/Lily, Ted/Marshall/Lily Summary: "Repeat after me: I will not have sex with Marshall." Spoilers: Arrivederci, Fiero Rating: R Word Count: 3,103 SO. I don't know. Yesterday I was thinking about Ted/Marshall, and today at work I saw something that referenced the year 2005, and I thought to...

Tags: ted marshall lily

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FIC: The Arrangement (NC-17, Teddy/Lily, Teddy/Lily/Rose)

Title : The Arrangement Creator : ??? Prompt Number : #90 -- Elbows in ears and tangled up legs -- dude, threesomes are hard work. Rating : NC-17 Pairing/characters : Teddy/Lily Luna, Teddy/Lily/Rose Warnings/content : Highlight to read * Rose/Lily - didn't want to ruin the surprise putting it in pairings, cousincest, oral sex * Medium or word count : ~6,574 Summary : When Rose agreed to meet...

Tags: rating: nc17 word count: 05000 - 9999 character: rose weasley ! round 2 2011 character: lily luna potter category: threesomes+ fanwork: fic pairing: teddy lily rose category: het lily luna

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[FIC] Split Stem of a Flower

Author: ??? Title: Split Stem of a Flower Rating: NC-17 Word Count (or Medium for artists): 2000 Pairing(s): Teddy/Lily Warnings: There is consent but maybe not as clear as some might like. Misogyny and slut-shaming. Because Teddy is morphed into Harry, some incest issues. Age discrepancy. Disclaimer: All Harry Potter characters herein are the property of J.K. Rowling and Bloomsbury/Scholastic...

Tags: lily harry teddy fic

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Perfectly Suited

Title: Perfectly Suited  Prompt: Matching Patronuses Characters: James Potter, Lily Evans, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, Peter Pettigrew Words: 500 Author's Note:  This drabble was written in response to a prompt regarding matching Patronuses. I found further inspiration from Merriam Webster's word of the day. The word was Beltane : the Celtic May Day festival. To the ancient Celts, May...

Tags: lily james

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ROOM || 015

*he's walking around, and he has questions for everyone on a wide range of topics; if he sees a fellow gatewalker, he's gonna come up, say hello, chew the fat, and who knows what else; -prepare for heckling*

Tags: blaine thorps andrew ryan olivia "lily" walker roxas

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Fanmix: Why Should the Fire Die? [Lily/James]

Since I was bored I finished the fanmix today. a fine frenzy: electric twist And the touch of your lips it's a shock not a kiss It's electric twist, it's electric twist the academy...think that she looked nice And he did michelle branch: drop in the ocean Love took me by the hand Love took me by surprise Love led me to you And love opened up my eyes [DOWNLOAD .ZIP]

Tags: lily james harry potter fanmix

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The Games are over and...

We won! Y_Y Congrats to all my Team Stag lovelies and everyone who won. That fest is the place to go for quality Lily/James fanfiction and art, just sayin'. I'm going to clean up my submission a bit, probably, before I post it anywhere else. I was surprised so many people liked it! In other news I am writing again and also have another fanmix prepared--just have to do the art for it. I'm...

Tags: lily james harry potter karen gillan

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July 12th

[Lily's taking some time behind the apartments getting back into an active life. After finding some pants to cut into shorts, and wearing one of the bodices, she's started stretching out. When reaching for the right foot, she hesitates when going over two healed over marks before following through with the action.] I'd have to get back into it sometime, if the lessons are going to continue again....

Tags: olivia "lily" walker

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[lurking in front of the door to a room in Midgard Apartment 5, the Beauty Queen stalks her prey. The door is shut as she makes final preparations and waits for her partner in crime, digging through the...smile, she rolls up the top of the bag for easy carrying. Her hand lingers on the doorknob, ready to be opened. She will strike at a moment's notice. And thus, the circle of life will continue.]

Tags: etna olivia "lily" walker

Posts by dystopian_flux tagged lily 
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