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Ребенок уже вовсю называет себя я, и заявляет "я хочу!" Два вопроса: "Чо делаесь?" и "Ти куда?" (так же в значение "ну...кипишевать и протестовать. Ну мало-помалу привыкла. Теперь качается вовсю, одним развлечением больше

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476: backdoor man - Dean pairings

... and then she surges up against him, towel fluttering to the floor as she cups his cheek and yanks his mouth down to hers. read this. Scorching, poignant, and character-driven. Dean/Castiel/Lisa title. Telegraph author. nyoka characters. Dean/Castiel/Lisa rating. NC-17 words. 2,000 summary. none given; Late August, and the world bends to them. read this. Dirty...

Tags: -- author: t theme: character study !reccer: dotfic pairing: dean lisa castiel character: cassie robinson character: ellen harvelle -- author: k pairing: bill ellen -- author: s -- author: p character: layla rourke theme: rare pairs -- author: d theme: dark!fic pairing: john -- author: m character: castiel -- author: -- author: i theme: outsider point of view character: ofc ~ fan fiction # slash theme: personal favorites theme: mixed a o no theme character: john winchester -- author: n theme: roadhouse crew character: victor henricksen # het cassie -- author: z theme: pre-series character: dean winchester tessa ofc character: sam winchester victor -- author: c -- author: r theme: plot? what plot? character: lisa braeden

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pistols & hearts (a random mix of fic ft. some of my fave pairings)

I was asked to do a rec post featuring Dean and his manpain yesterday at sawedoff_recs , and thought I’d share the ones that haven’t been recced here at this comm before (by me or by others) with you guys as well. You can check out aaaall of the recs here , btw. These ones are a very random mix of two of my fave pairings, Dean/Lisa and Dean/Alastair. Mostly Dean/Lisa.

Tags: [genre» other: pwp] flu mental breakdown [pairing: dean lisa] castiel] dizziness vertigo dean's deal making deals with demons hugs cuddling [setting: season 5] #reccer: mod (maypoles) hell post-hell issues [» swan song] [genre: slash] psychological trauma fever [genre: het] grief &fic alastair] [setting: season 4] sexual dysfunction amnesia memory loss !recs anxiety panic attack [» on the head of a pin]

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fic: simple kind of life (dean; pg13)

Title : Simple Kind of Life Characters : Mostly Dean, with some Dean/Lisa and Ben. Rating : PG13 Notes : Written as a companion piece to Interim , but can be read on its own. Summary : Set during the year between seasons five and six. "They are supposed to be better than their fathers." You think you know a guy.

Tags: hell post-hell issues abandonment issues &fic [setting: season 6] [pairing: dean lisa] [setting: season 5] alcoholism

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Challenge 5: A Dean-focused h/c Tags Challenge (for authors, artists, etc.) / MASTERLIST POST

...everything, you’d do anything not to lose ever again. Title: I Will Answer Author: lies_unfurl Tags: concussion/head trauma , hospitalization Characters: Dean, Castiel, Lisa Genre/pairing: Dean/Lisa, although it's not the focus. Rating: PG-13, for swearing. Word-count: ~2500 Spoilers: Set between seasons 5 and 6, although there are allusions to events in season...

Tags: .challenge 5 [genre: slash] [pairing: dean lisa] ofc] castiel] &art graphics (icons) &other media [genre: het] &fic graphics (digital) .challenge masterlist &audiofic [genre: gen] *fun stuff jo] graphics (picspam) graphics (traditional)

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Fic-I Will Answer

Title:  I Will Answer. Author:  lies_unfurl   Pairings: Dean/Lisa, although it's not the focus. Rating: PG-13, for swearing. Length: ~2500 Summary : Domestic life isn't as safe as it should be. A work accident lands Dean in the hospital. Castiel ends up visiting. Set between seasons 5 and 6, although there are allusions to events in season 6. Notes: Written for the tag challenge...

Tags: .challenge 5 [setting: season 6] [pairing: dean lisa] [genre: het] concussion head trauma &fic hospitalization [setting: season 5]

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Title:  The Full Pause Word Count : 1476 Pairing: Dean/Lisa Rating:  PG-13 Summary :  Pre-S6.   The first time Dean asked Lisa what she did for a living, it felt like the punchline to the best joke ever told. Yoga teacher . A/N:  Written for the hoodie_time   tags challenge for the tag "sexual dysfunction."  I was no t pleased to see that one on my list because it scared...

Tags: .challenge 5 &fic [» swan song] sexual dysfunction [pairing: dean lisa] [setting: season 5] [genre: het]

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Between Heart and Soul

Title: Between Heart and Soul Author: icanhazpie Genre: Hurt/Comfort, Hetfic Rating: PG13 Characters or Pairing: Dean/Lisa, soulless!Sam Spoilers: Ummm, season 6. Author's note: Written to fill "bullet wounds" on my hc_bingo card. Could take place anytime before Sam gets his soul back in 6.11's Appointment in Samarra. Summary: Dean, weak and lightheaded from blood...

Tags: &fic gunshot wound [setting: season 6] [pairing: dean lisa] [genre: het] blood-loss

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The Ghost in Bed With Them

Title : The Ghost in Bed With Them Author : rainylemons genre/pairings : het, Dean/Lisa, a little h/c, little bad language  Spoilers : post ‘Swan Song,’ really mild, blink & you’ll miss it spoilers for ‘Two and a Half Men’ Warnings : unbeta’d smut and unplanned angst Word count : 2791 Rating : NC-17 Summary : Plot be damned. Angst. Smut. The end. Author’s...

Tags: &fic grief hugs cuddling [» swan song] [pairing: dean lisa] [setting: season 5] [genre: het]

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I'm looking for stories with Ianto/Lisa. I don't care if it's past and Ianto's now with Jack, but I'd like the fic at least in some point focus on the Ianto/Lisa relationship. I don't even mind if it's Jack/Ianto/Lisa now or the story is entirely pre-TW Three, just give me anything with human!Lisa. And, please, no Lisa bashing or anything like that. Thank you!

Tags: pairing: ianto lisa jack

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