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I would benefit from remembering to drink through the day, after getting home from a couple of meetings this evening I drank three mugs of water in quick succession. I might also benefit from not eating...anything to do with anyone else besides those I gamed with. This entry was originally posted at http://avron.dreamwidth.org/154286.html . Feel free to comment here as normal, or there using OpenID.

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New Photos/Trailer From "Phaedra Backwards"

New professional photos have been released from the McCarter Theatre Production of "Phaedra Backwards."  Here are a few photos featuring Jake.  I also stumbled upon a trailer on youtube. Source: McCarter...                                                                                               Trailer Link

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Icon Progress 2007-2011.

Following in the footsteps of firstillusion who posted her icon progress at illusoir_icons . Three icons from every batch I have posted in an attempt to show how my style has changed...it! Thank you for anyone who had a browse, I hope you enjoyed laughing at my expense. ;D I encourage everyone to make one of these and let me know, I love looking at other people's icon evolution.

Tags: misc; icon progress !maker; ohgollygeedamn

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Rei sat in one of the rooms of the Temple, her legs crossed underneath her as she sat on the couch, frowning down at an old boombox she had in her lap. She had the batteries she had borrowed from Toushirou...the priestess strong arm a ho, Rei finally managed to slam the boombox against the couch hard enough for the CD to become dislodged, stopping the music with an ugly scratching noise and an odd crackle

Tags: [lj] wingsandwill [game] adstringendum [status] closed [muse] hino rei [lj] marsfireignite [subject] in character [canon] supernatural [canon] sailor moon [misc] i regret nothing

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The more Rei viewed of this world, the more she did not like it -- and she suspected that the boys were tired of her pointing out how disgustingly dirty America was, which was why she was now in the midst... eyes wide as saucers, her breath caught in her throat. Everything was so different. "What's Blu-Ray?" Rei asked herself, quickly edging towards the Electronics section. That seemed promising

Tags: [lj] wingsandwill [game] adstringendum [muse] hino rei [verse] adstringendum au [canon] sailor moon [lj] marsfireignite [misc] i regret nothing [subject] in character [canon] supernatural

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New Round of Tubey Awards of TWOP

The next round of voting is up on Television Without Pity is up, and there's lots of House.  Go get ém! http://www.televisionwithoutpity.com/tubeys/nominees.php x-posted to hw_ot  and housemd

Tags: misc other stuff articles interviews

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Player Name: Mysterious Stranger Are you new?: N Character Name: Shou Tucker Character Fandom: FMA: Brotherhood [ A-ah this was... Not Hell. It seems to be... a paradise even. A beautiful... hmm it was worth a try? ] Has anyone seen my daughter at all? She's four years and she wears her hair in two braids... If you find her, tell her that daddy misses her and that he'll be there soon

Tags: [player] mysterious stranger [*] anime manga [misc] screams [canon] fullmetal alchemist

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Player Name: Kyio Are you new?: Not in the least Character Name: Jacqli Character Fandom: Ar Tonelico 2 Player Name: Kyo Are you new?: Nope Character Name: Croix Bartel Character Fandom...barely-cut vegetables and uncooked meat. There's a dark haired male in glasses standing nearby, supervising, but he probably seems more exasperated than anything else. Do you dare approach? ]

Tags: [*] games [misc] screams [player] kyo [canon] ar tonelico [player] kyio

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voice/videoish kind of, action

Player Name: Rune Are you new?: Yesish Character Name: Mami Futami Character Fandom: the Idolm@ster (anime canon) ---- [The first time Mami's journal opens, it reveals that she's standing...her journal. She's wearing a stage outfit , but she's covered in scratches.] Amiiii! Haruruuuun! Nii-chaaan! Where are you? Mami is having a boring, kind of painful dream and wants to play a game

Tags: [misc] the returned [*] anime manga [misc] screams [player] rune [canon] the idolm@ster [player] new

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Player Name: Mike Are you new?: Yes and no? I was here before with different characters but had dropped. Character Name: Sara Lightwing Character Fandom: original (same universe as Brooke Eirichu...it up again. This time, she can be seen waving her left hand back and forth a bit, and she looks somewhat-pained, not to mention angry again.] You dumb thing! Why do you have to be a hardback ?

Tags: [misc] the returned [player] mike [player] new [*] original character

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