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Jensen/Misha fic rec.

...stop thinking of the characters for days afterwards? Stories that make you quite incapable of doing anything else. Well, this is one of those. Off The Reservation by Emwebb17. SPN RPS AU, Jensen/Misha. 126,514 words, NC-17. Summary: Jensen is a young corrections officer on his first job at LA County's maximum security prison. Misha is an inmate with no sense of personal boundaries. After unwittingly...

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Procastination and Misha

...weekend's convention in Dallas. Thank you to those that took the pics. I don't really go for the cowboy look. Sorry if I offend but I'll be honest, I hate the cowboy look. Having said that...DAMN YOU, MISHA!! I wasn't going to give it a second thought. I know you were trying to look dorky in that outfit but you just ended up looking HOT to me. And I can't stop looking. And you brought a friggin'...

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Help us get a Misha Collins board over on Fanforum. Some people think that message boards are a thing of the past...but to some of us, they are still very enjoyable. Fanforum already has a Supernatural , Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki board...but we really want a Misha board! Here is how you can help... VOTE MISHA You will need to register and have 50 posts first...but I swear it's...

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here i go again! i will finish a big bang! i will!

Tags: misha jared

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Fic: Misha's Misadventure

Title: Misha's Misadventure Author: janice_lester Fandom: SPN RPF Word Count: ~1,600 Beta: Just me Pairing: Background Misha/Vicki with just the slightest hints of Jared/Misha. Rating: PG Warnings/Notes: Written for my 300-ish fic comment party for ghostyouknow27 , who wanted "A Teen wolf type scenario (one half of a pair of best buds gets bitten by a creature and transforms...

Tags: jared misha

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Coming At Work (Jared/Misha)

... Author:  little_artemis (AKA balthiersgirl on y!, and littleartemis everywhere else) Rating: NC-17 Word Count: 824 Fandom: Supernatural RPS Characters/Pairing: Jared Padalecki/Misha Collins Warning: exhibitionism, dry humping Summary: He had looked for them to run some lines, and somehow ended up in Jared's lap. Notes: For a prompt on tumblr. Disclaimer: I claim no rights...

Tags: pairing: jared misha

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A Pea in the Pod is Worth Two in the Bank 2/?

Title: A Pea in the Pod is Worth Two in the Bank 2/? Author: nicole_sill Word Count: 1450 Rating: PG this chapter. Up to NC-17 later Pairings: RPF Misha/Jared, Daneel/Jensen and others later Warnings: M!preg, talk of medical procedures, knotting, prejudice against an imaginary gender. Summary: Omega Misha Collins is trying to have a baby without an Alpha partner. Jared finds himself in a quandary...

Tags: misha jared

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Fic: More Than Words (CWRPF AU, Jensen/Misha, NC-17)

...to finish the fic in question, but I offer this in the meantime, in the hopes that messy blow-job PWP is relevant to your interests. (Originally sparked by a prompt in a kink meme, asking for poet!Misha and fan!Jensen, but I didn't finish it on time. Spot the pattern.) ~3K words, NC-17 rating, standard disclaimers apply. Graciously beta'd by laisserais . More Than Words Jensen feels...

Tags: jensen misha

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The Chronicles of the Were Valley - Chapter 2, part a.

Title : The Chronicles of the Were Valley (4/?) Chapter : Chapter 2, part a. Characters/Pairing : Jensen Ackles/Jared Padalecki; Jensen Ackles/Misha Collins/Jared Padalecki; Chad Michael Murray/Sophia Bush; Ian Somerhalder; Paul Wesley and various SPN and CW actors. Genre : multichapter RPS AU, a bit h/c... Rating : PG to NC-17 ( this chapter : PG) Summary : Misha is a sheppherd weredog living...

Tags: fic: rating: nc-17 fic: rating: pg fic: pairing: jensen misha fic: author: nanousblues jared

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For Your Entertainment - Third Verse

Title: For Your Entertainment – Third Verse Author: LadyBoyDrew Pairing: Jensen/Jared/Misha Rating: NC17 Warning/enticement: slash, 3way, Cabana boy Jensen, hummers, poolside sex Disclaimer: I don't own Jensen, Jared or Misha which makes me sad. Summary: Jensen is a wanton sex toy for his lover, Jared and his costar, Misha, and they love every minute...

Tags: pairing: jensen jared misha

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