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{eighteen} hide your heart

autor : thebluecharm fandom : One Piece claim : Law Trafalgar/Nami tabla : supernovas @ devil_fruit reto : #06 – Gafas advertencias : 736 palabras. Spoiler a partir del 703 o así. otras notas de autor : Por fin puedo escribir algo de más de quinientas palabras. —Y mientras vosotros destruis la fábrica será mi grupo el que hará el intercambio con Doflamingo para tenerlo...

Tags: ship: law nami

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My Silence Will Smash Your Jaws

Title: My Silence Will Smash Your Jaws Fandom: One Piece Pairing: Zoro/Sanji (one sided), Zoro/Nami Word Count: 1544 Rating: R Notes: Title is a line from a poem by Vasko Popa. This is un-beta’d, so all mistakes are my own. Err, enjoy Summary: Zoro's in love. Zoro's in love. You look in the mirror, your red, bee-stung lips, the marks on your shoulder and collar left from last night...

Tags: zoro nami

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4# Sanji x Nami: My lovely idiotic chef, my freaking beautiful lady.

Titolo:  (Un)favorable exchanges – Scambi (s)vantaggiosi. Fandom :  One  Piece  ( © Eichiro  Oda). Personaggi\Coppia :  Sanji\Nami . Rating:  PG (Verde) Genere:  Ironico, sentimentale, Fluff, introspettivo. Riassunto:  Nami-san gli stava correndo incontro con quel gigantesco sorriso, e  cos’altro avrebbe potuto...

Tags: nami

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3# Sanji x Nami: My lovely idiotic chef, my freaking beautiful lady.

Titolo:  Vischio. Fandom :  One  Piece  ( © Eichiro  Oda). Personaggi\Coppia :  Sanji\Nami . Rating:  PG (Verde) Genere:  Fluff, romantico, comico. Riassunto:  Era solo che -Nami dovette suo malgrado ammetterlo- conosceva il compagno piuttosto bene, e quel sorriso obliquo vagamente cospiratore, strapieno d’entusiasmo...

Tags: nami

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2# Sanji x Nami: My lovely idiotic chef, my freaking beautiful lady.

Titolo:  My beautiful lady. Fandom :  One  Piece  ( © Eichiro  Oda). Personaggi\Coppia:  Sanji\Nami. Rating:  PG (Verde) Genere:  Introspettivo, sentimentale. Riassunto:  Lo capisce, Sanji, che quel tipo di bellezza non è per tutte, lui che tutte le ama. Capisce che la bellezza di Nami-san è solo sua, solo suo è il modo...

Tags: nami

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Once again, the diva is back. But now there's some troubles...

Title: Your baby will hit you one more time. Character/s: Luffy/Nami, Nojiko and Shik i Song: Paparazzi Artist: Lady Gaga ( Words: ) 455 words Rating: T+ Warnings: Deals with stalkers and their... Slightly broken minds. Disclaimers: I do not own One Piece or Lady Gaga, both are works of art someone else created. "Namiii! Look! You got a package!" She looked, up from the tray with...

Tags: luffy nami

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Published: 4 years, 3 months ago (Tue, 08 Feb 2011 20:39:47 PST); 3275 bytes


[One-shot] Serenity

...rare treasure to have. One of the peaceful days on the ship, even so - there's never real peacefulness when such strong individuals are present. One-shot. Post-Thriller Bark. Pairings: Usopp/Nami, maybe more. Only pure nakamaship~. Genre: K+, Friendship/Humor. Disclaimer. Oda's. Dedication: To the people I cherish and helped me in some way. To all those I have in my heart...

Tags: nami usopp nakamaship humor one piece

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Published: 4 years, 8 months ago (Mon, 20 Sep 2010 12:55:42 PDT); 41 Kb


Woo, I'm back in the game!

Title: No.9 ~ Rivalry Theme: Baroque Works Saga Claim: Sanji/Nami/Zoro (Images:) 1 Rating: General Warnings: Large Image Disclaimers: Styles inspired by various artists - characters are C. to Eiichiro Oda Inpired by Gris Grimly Should I put colour on this?

Tags: cptn_shinigami - set#02 - sanji nami zor

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Bonus Fic...and strangely het.

Title: Watering her heart? words: 671 Pairing: Nami/Luffy Notes: In order to get Sheila to start writing fanfic I prompted her on a Kyo Kara Maoh fic and she gave me a One Piece one. "Luffy gets drunk and pees on Namis trees" was the prompt. It didn't have to be Nami/Luffy but it ended up that way. I really don't like Nami/Luffy either for silly reasons like...Sanji likes Nami and he deserves happyness...

Tags: nami luffy

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Recovery [One Piece, Zoro/Nami/Sanji]

Title: Recovery Fandom: One Piece Request: for 3goodtimes  ; Zoro/Nami/Sanji--"bandages" Rating: PG Word Count: 240 Disclaimer: One Piece and its characters do not belong to me. A/N: Takes place during the resting days that follow the big Alabasta battles. She wakes up first, the rays of the golden Alabasta sun peeking in and tugging at the lids of her eyes. Her limbs ache and every...

Tags: zoro nami sanji request fic one piece

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