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charloft [Thursday] Mort M'avaient Suit

[Follows this and immediately after this ] Les liens de la mort m'avaient environné, Et les angoisses du sépulcre m'avaient saisi; J'étais en proie à la détresse et à la douleur. The cords...to avoid for a while or to go to her." Of course, Gibbs rarely chooses the safer option.  Especially when it comes to Jen.  "Thanks, Duck." [words 1200 Yeah, not a drablle, but who's counting?]

Tags: [prompt] charloft [plot] new york bound [post] where: charloft [with] gibbs [verse] and so it goes [post] where: nyc noir [fic] person: third [with] ducky

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charloft [Saturday] Family

The bond that links your true family is not one of blood, but of respect and joy in each other's life. Rarely do members of one family grow up under the same roof. "I wouldn't have asked unless--" ...sight on the couch stops him short, "Dear God." "Hey Duck.  Found this in the desert." "Hi, Ducky," she opens her eyes and doesn't move from your shoulder and you can hear her smile. [Words 104]

Tags: [post] fic: drabble [post] where: charloft [prompt] charloft [verse] and so it goes [plot] new york bound [with] gibbs [with] ducky [fic] person: second

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charloft [Thursday] After

I'm watching a train wreck.  My hands aren't strong enough to stop it; my voice is too soft.  Nothing helps.  She's barreling fiercely down that track, trying to be unafraid and trying to be strong...  I tell her to stop.  She refuses.  I tell her to let me help.  She pushes me away. At night, she crashes.  She's depressed.  And she still won't say anything. [words 100 Gibbs POV]

Tags: [storyline] going slowly [prompt] charloft [fic] person: first [plot] new york bound [post] where: charloft [post] fic: drabble [with] gibbs [verse] and so it goes

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wickedwriters Prompt #1: Concentration & Focus

This is my entry for wickedwriters . Prompt #1 is Concentration & Focus. Public for purposes of the community. -------------- A NICU Experience: Lessons learned in concentration & focus. Beeps. So many beeps. Sometimes I find it hard to tune them out. There are so many of them. They echo around me. My head whips up quickly to the monitor overhead. Heart rate: 154. Respiration: 62. Oxygen...

Tags: prompt#1 wickedwriters prompts

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Title: When I Tell You Something: I Want To Hold Your Hand Prompt: Delayed Gratification Characters: Alex/Wolf Rating: PG-13 Word Count: 925 Summary: In which Wolf holds firmly to his principles, and Alex worries about her chances of dying a virgin. The course of true love never did run smooth. Warning(s): Discussion of technically illegal sexual activity. To the link!

Tags: [prompt] delayed gratification

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Near Death Experience

Title; Near Death Experience Author;  dr_auth_orize   Type; Fic-ling Word Count; 300 Project; Riot Characters;   West, Jarrod. Mentions of Riot Word; #37 Dog Food Summary; Who...grasp on the over sized slick bag.       “Nay, man.” West chuckles and continues navigating the overgrown terrain. “I just got shot at for that dog food. I think you can carry it.”

Tags: prompt; 100 words type; fic-ling title; riot

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[charloft];; Last place I traveled.

Show us a picture of the last place to which you traveled, whether for work or for pleasure

Tags: [north shore] [prompt] [personal] [charloft] [open] [photos] [hawaii]

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Deepest, Darkest Fantasy for Charloft

There is no light in the sky. All the stars in the sky have died or been hidden by the death of stars. The moon hangs in the sky but the sun no longer gives it its shine. The air is dense and still...long for snow to fall. The world is so far beyond dead it seems like everything is just sleeping. Her footsteps are the only sound left in the world other than the sounds of entropy and dreaming

Tags: [prompt] charloft

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The One In Which I Answer Questions With Surprisingly Few Music References

 Propmt #14: Interview: 1. Do you believe in karma? Quite frankly, maybe. I try not to believe. I like to keep my options open, that way I can’t screw myself over morally, I just do my best to not... 12. Did you support your answers? To varying degree, some of them I cut short for comedic effect, because that’s how I do interviews. I hope you were properly confused or delighted by it!

Tags: prompt#14 interview

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FYI: With regards to the poll for the 'Assaulted' series sequel

I posted this over in my profile on fanfiction.net and am repeating it here for your information. Chapter 35 is giving me some trouble but 36 seems to be doing alright (don't ask /laugh). Because...seem to be fine with a WIP for this, I am going to start posting the next 'book' at the beginning of June. Thanks to everyone for hanging in there as well as all the reviews and the support!! ~~

Tags: wip !: psa fyi talk: fanfiction source media talk: all spoilers !: request prompt challenge misc: fanfic talk: fanfiction !: thanks appreciation fdm: numb3rs (tvs) ffs: n3 ‘assaulted!’ series miscellaneous -- fanfic related pbff – fanfiction

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