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prompt #35 "Is She Beautiful", Abraxas, T+

Title: Is She Beautiful? Author: Dr. Abraxas Rating: T+ Words: 500 Genre: dark Pairing: Kuruk x Koh Summary: What really happened between Kuruk and Koh that caused them to turn against each other? Could...ritual of touch and kiss that marked their departure. Not even the scent of man remained.... "You will be mine, I promise," the demon vowed, "you will not leave me! I haunt you as you haunt me...."

Tags: rating: t+ prompt 35: water author: abraxas

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Prompt 32: Empty; "Reasonable Doubt", T+, by overlithe

Title: Reasonable Doubt Author: overlithe Rating: T+ for mild sexual content Warnings: There’s nothing in the fic above a T+ rating, but this isn’t exactly a festival of cheery and...of that first picture, the one of her and Sozin at sixteen (and don’t mind a cavalcade of Funny Aneurysm moments, obviously), the two of them have it done in Chapter Five of my fic Fortunate Son .

Tags: rating: t+ prompt 32: empty author: overlithe

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Prompt #32: Empty, "Miscalculation" Lavanya Six (Rated T+)

Title: Miscalculation Author: Lavanya Six Rating: T+ Words: 500 Genre: Darkfic Warnings: Spoilers through The Chase . Char/Pair: Azula, Mai, Ty Lee Summary: "Nevertheless a prince ought...Lee had hit her again. Everything inside Azula went cold and numb. "You know, for someone so smart," Mai said, hefting a jagged rock over her head, "when it comes to people you've got no brains."

Tags: rating: t+ prompt 32: empty author: lavanyasix

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Prompt 31: Mirror; "Moonrise", T+, by overlithe

Title: Moonrise Author: overlithe Rating: T+ Warnings: Creepiness. Words: 497 Genre: AU, Gen, Dark Characters/Pairings: Yue, Long Feng; gen Summary: Yue has to fulfil her duty...beating and a still heart is loosely based on a line in Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons’ Watchmen in which Dr Manhattan thinks about how a live body and a dead one have the same number of molecules.

Tags: rating: t+ prompt 31: mirror author: overlithe

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Prompt 25: Jail; "Cages", T+, by overlithe

Title: Cages Author: overlithe Rating: T+ Warnings: References to violence in Hama’s segment Words: 500 Genre: General, Drama Characters/Pairings: Hama, Yue, Toph; gen Summary...with her, wonderfully light. ++The End++ Notes: If you liked the Yue segment, you may also enjoy my ficlet Spirit-Bound (you can also read it here at AO3 or here at ff.net if you prefer).

Tags: rating: t+ prompt 25: jail author: overlithe

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2011 Writing Challenge: Prompt #188 Frustrated: Wade/Jake

Title: Studying Prompt: #188 Frustrated Fandom: J2 crossover [ House of Wax / Devour ] Pairing / Characters : Wade / Jake Rating: T+ Warnings: None, fluffy!slash. :D Word Count: 559... Grey.”   Jake smiled knowingly, curling his body more easily about him, watching him work and dropped a few light kisses to his shoulder.   “Sure I’m not,” he chuckled.   Fin~

Tags: rating: t+ !slash !roleplay other: crossover movie: house of wax !fanfic movie: devour pairing: wade jake

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fic: the ins and outs of falling in love

Title: the ins and outs of falling in love Pairing: Kyuhyun/Sungmin Genre: angst Rating: T+ Sungmin and Kyuhyun and the simple process of falling in love, and out. Notes:  for wickedlove13...in Shanghai, and it's such a relief to have it written and done because I've been dying to write Kyuhyun/Sungmin ever since I joined the fandom and the words have finally fallen into place :')

Tags: rating: t+ fandom: super junior pairing: kyuhyun zhou mi sungmin genre: angst pairing: yesung ryeowook characters: sungmin characters: kyuhyun

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original - sin t

Fandom:  Original Título:  No tiene (por que todo lo que se me ocurría era 'Explosión' o mierdas similares. ¿sugerencias?) Summary: Lo suyo no es normal. Cada vez que le ve...   Dicen las malas lenguas que el baño estuvo trancado varias horas (la realidad dice que estuvieron ahí hasta el otro día, con estos chismes, una nunca sabe)

Tags: rating: t+ chr: leo adv: regionalismos claim: leo yami fandom: original chr: yamile

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