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REC: A Life Closed Twice Before Its Close (Harry/Ginny)

Title : A Life Closed Twice Before Its Close Author : tosca1390 Rating : NC-17 Characters/Pairings : Harry Potter/Ginny Weasley Fandom : Harry Potter Summary : On Halloween, a recurring...the story sucks you into it. Harry and Ginny's relationship is shown throughout to be realistic and in-character, and the author manages to mesh the romance into the plot without it being jarring.

Tags: rec_fandom: [harry potter] rec_character: [harry potter] rec_pairing: [harry ginny] rec_character: [ginny weasley] rec_length: [one-shot] rec_author: [tosca1390]

Posts by shiikifics tagged rec_fandom: [harry potter] 
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REC: Only Just the Beginning (Harry/Ginny)

Title : Only Just the Beginning Author : Abvj Rating : PG Characters/Pairings : Harry Potter/Ginny Weasley, Hermione Granger Fandom : Harry Potter Summary : "Are you suggesting, Hermione, that...them. This is one of those stories you read that make you think yeah, this was going on when Harry was oblivious . Awesome dialogue, and fantastic Ginny: fiery and definitely flawed, but so very human.

Tags: rec_fandom: [harry potter] rec_pairing: [harry ginny] rec_character: [hermione granger] rec_character: [ginny weasley] rec_author: [abvj] rec_length: [one-shot]

Posts by shiikifics tagged rec_fandom: [harry potter] 
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