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Yuletide Recs

...Close Enough Friends For These To Be Benefits ! It's Reggie/Jughead from Archie, and it's HILARIOUS and adorable. I never would have thought to ship these two, but it totally worked! Anyway, anyway, anyway, those are my recs. Now I have to go. Today is much busier than I expected it to be! But that's okay, because I finally got my yummy Starbucks and I am ready to take on the world, yaaaaaahhhhh!

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what analyst_1 said, is totally ON SPOT! this Merlin AU vid is pure genius!

Morgana and Arthur are switching places, and god, a million kudos for someone who will write me this AU! or maybe it already exists, but I never stumbled upon it???? OMG tell me if you any rec that has...the vid below! Originally posted by analyst_1 at wow wow wow!! WOW THIS IS SUCH A COOL IDEA Please watch   i rydionlover93   's video:    SOOOOOOOOOO GOOOOD!

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Question - promise I'll read answers!

So, I keep hearing about this "Fifty Shades of Grey" book/series and I gather the woman wrote a very similar story in Twilight fanfic and then changed the names to you know, make it publish-able and well... I could Google about it but I know darn well I will simply get lost for hours in the trappings of the web and folks opinions. I am way too tired with way too much stuff to do today to have that happen

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Glutton Goat and RecTumblrs...

... Also my rec posts have been eaten by the damn goat more times than I can stand because they are too long so I now have REC TUMBLRS. If you're interested, here are my new tumblrs: BBC Sherlock Recs Harry Potter Recs Merlin Recs You can click on the "List of Tags" at the top of each tumblr for the list of all important tags. The Sherlock one is the most complete/updated one so far. I should...

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Fic rec: Disenchanted by Cluegirl

TITLE: Disenchanted AUTHOR'S PENNAME: Cluegirl AUTHOR'S LJ NAME: cluegirl GENRES: Hurt/Comfort, Angst, Romance, RATING: 'Graphic Sex and Implied Violence' TIME FRAME: During Hogwarts....." Potter merely finished his snack, sat up smartly, and said, "Mowr?" WHY I REMEMBER THIS FIC: A long, funny romp with accidental Cat!Harry and Merlinsavemefromallidiotsandgriffindor's!Snape

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虽然算是个宅女,但毕竟在曼哈顿住过那么些时日,也陪朋友们逛了很多次纽约(的曼哈顿岛)。一半为了自己一半为了别人,且列个人点评。(下次再有人来我就可以直接上这个表了……?...,Jamba Juice (http://www.jambajuice.com) 目前就想到这些……如果再想起什么我会补充的,也欢迎其他纽约客同推荐去处吃处玩处。:

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The Book of Harry (Book of Mormon Parody for HP)

This....this is awesome. As sung by the movie cast ! (Poor Snape, though...)

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Been in a strange sort of mood lately.... Korean rap version of Haru Yo, Koi (by MC Sniper)....is awesome, with piano, violins, et al. I've been listening to it nonstop for two days now. In other news, I can stare at this face (namely, this pair of eyes) all day.... I don't know why exactly, but right now I don't care.

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[you kill me but build me up just to watch me break]

...at the part that has crying, pining, Sirius. To tell the truth, I am too lazy and my internet to slow to turn to delicious or Google and comb through potentially awful fics, so I put this to you, flist: Anyone have Remus/Sirius recs where Remus is truly mad about the Prank? I only seem to find the ones where he handwaves it, which makes me pout. Bonus points if he really chews Sirius out over it.

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