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In the End, Love

Title: In the End, Love Fandom: Fast and Furious/Criminal Minds Pairings: Brian/Reid Word Count: 8,194 Rating: Teen Genre: Romance, Case Fic Summary: After Miami, Brian found himself working for the FBI and they considered him one of their most valuable undercover agents. When a BAU team’s case crosses paths with his, Brian’s cover is threatened and its up to his fellow FBI agents...

Tags: brian reid

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This Side of New Orleans Chapter 26/? WIP

Title This Side of New Orleans Author Romanse Summary: With the New Orleans serial killer case concluded, Reid thinks that he’s laid to rest his demons of drug addiction and self-doubt and that he can now get on with his life as a member of the elite BAU. It would have been better for Reid had he never gone to New Orleans. “On LJ Here : ”AO3 Here :

Tags: reid ethan

Posts by bau-fic tagged reid 
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Criminal Minds - What Friends Are For

Title: What Friends Are For Prompt: Night Terrors Bonus? yes Word Count: 100 Rating: G Original/Fandom: Criminal Minds Pairings (if any): Morgan/Reid-ish Warnings (Non-Con/Dub-Con etc): Summary: "You having nightmares again?" "Reid?" "Can I stay at your place tonight?" "You having nightmares again?" "Yeah." "You know you've got to talk to Hotch or Gideon eventually. We've...

Tags: criminal minds: morgan reid

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mini ship manifesto : hotch/reid

I made some kind of Hotch/Reid manifesto a few months ago and forgot to post the link here. So for those interested in reading my thoughts on our favorite pairing, here you go: Why Hotch/Reid... you ask Enjoy. :)

Tags: hotch reid

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The Unrequited Middle [FanFic]

Title: The Unrequited Middle Author: Tooks Pairing: Hotch/Reid, Reid/Ethan Rating: FRT Summary: Even without returning their overtures Reid still finds himself stuck between both Hotch and Ethan. Notes: This is AU but there are Season 5 spoilers. Another of my "Breaking the Bonds" series and this one picks up right after The Big What If There's a bit of drinking, bit of flirting, and...

Tags: reid ethan hotch

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FIC: The Bleeding Heart (4/?)

Title: The Bleeding Heart (4/?) Author: La Penserosa Rating: For the series: FRAO, For this chapter: FRM Paring: Reid/Nathan Harris, Reid/TBD Spoilers: Anything before 'Lauren' most notably, ‘Sex, Birth, Death.’ Summary: Nathan's first letter to Dr. Spencer Reid. Nathan is about to be released for psychiatric care, can Reid find him before Nathan finds him or a fresh crop of victims...

Tags: reid nathan harris

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Title:  Fight or Flight   Author:  hurricaneheartx Fandom:  Criminal Minds  Pairing:  Reid/Prentiss  Characters:  Spencer Reid, Emily Prentiss  Word count:  1465  Rating:  PG 13  Disclaimer:  All recognisable characters belong to their respectful owners. No copyright infringement intended.  Author's notes:  BEAR WITH ME, I'm new to livejournal, I've come...

Tags: reid prentiss

Posts by bau_fic tagged reid 
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FIC: Overture in Solo, Prelude to Decrescendo Accelerando

TITLE: Overture in Solo, Prelude to Decrescendo Accelerando BY: Druscilla Ryan PAIRING: Reid/OMCs RATING: FRM SUMMARY: Picture if you will, a musical piece of all your mistakes for the past few months. Reid can't wait to turn the record over. Read here Has just been added to Criminal Minds fan fiction and is listed on the new stories page and the other pairings page.

Tags: reid omc

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FIC: Where's Adam? Part 2

Title: Where's Adam? Part Two Pairing: Reid/Morgan, one-sided Adam/Reid Rating: NC17 (to be safe) Warning: Talk of gang rape   Summary: Reid's still determined to get through to Adam, through Amanda, much to boyfriend Morgan’s chagrin. The breakthrough is not what he expects, causing him to look more deeply into Adam’s background. Spoilers for 'Conflicted' (Season 4, Episode 20) ...

Tags: reid adam amanda morgan

Posts by cm_slash tagged reid 
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Fic: Archimedes

Title: Archimedes Author: Ragcat Rating: FRT Characters: Reid/Morgan Warnings: Mild slash and language. Disclaimer: I do not own Criminal Minds, its characters, or anything associated with the show. This is just for fun and no money is made from this. Summary : Reid's cat, Archimedes, shares some thoughts and observations. One shot. This is my entry for a ff.net challenge, Dog Days of...

Tags: reid morgan spencer reid fluff humor criminal minds derek morgan

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