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Fic: Thicker than Water by scifishipper

... Star Trek AOS Pairing: Kirk/Spock Rating: NC-17 Medium or Word Count: ~6,600 Genre(s): Romance Warnings/Content: Anal sex, clinical discussions of blood and medical disorders Summary: Spock is called upon to give blood to a recently revealed human-Vulcan hybrid, only to discover a disturbing fact about her. Notes: Thanks to kdbleu for her endless support. This story is part...

Tags: pairing: kirk spock

Posts by slashorific tagged spock,pairing: kirk 
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FIC: Nothing is Promised by Ivycross

Title: Nothing is Promised Author/Artist Name: Ivycross Prompt Number and/or Title: Gold Fandom: Star Trek AOS Pairing: Kirk/Spock Rating: G Medium or Word Count: 1,836 Genre(s): Character Study, Fluff, Romance Warnings/Content: none Summary: Spock is given a reminder that his time with Jim is not infinite Nothing is Promised

Tags: pairing: kirk spock

Posts by slashorific tagged spock,pairing: kirk 
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[fic + art] Phoenix

... Drama, Romance, Hurt/Comfort, Warnings: None Spoilers: Generations never happened. Everything else did. Spoilers for the Original Series, the Animated Series, and the Star Trek films. Summary: When Spock contracts a fatal disease, he and Jim reunite on Vulcan after three months apart. Written for the thyla_bigbang Wordcount: 24,461 Phoenix by museattack is on AO3 & the K/S Archive...

Tags: pairing: kirk spock

Posts by museaway tagged spock,pairing: kirk 
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Fic: The Daily Commute (Spock/Uhura/Kirk nc17)

...challenge at the livejournal and dreamwidth community mmom . People submit fics from many fandoms with masturbation as the theme on each day. No sign up needed. Fics need to be 100 words or above. Check it out. Summary: An encounter on a train leads to pleasurable results for three individuals. Link: Ao3 | FF.net xposted to kirkspockuhura trek_ot3 st_third_option

Tags: pairing: kirk spock uhura

Posts by st-third-option tagged spock,pairing: kirk 
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...and after few week tried to find it again but couldn't. Since then I've been looking for it. So it was like this: Kirk and Spock are a couple and they invited Bones to their love making and I remember Spock thinking that he and Bones would fight over Kirk but actually it was Bones and Kirk double penetrating him. Bones was more attentive to him? I believe it was PWP but I'm not so sure. Thanx in advance...

Tags: pairing: kirk spock mccoy

Posts by st_ficfinder tagged spock,pairing: kirk 
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"heat" a Star Trek fanfiction

...by ansley15 Fandom: Star Trek IX Pairing: Kirk/Spock/Uhura Genre: Angst, romance, pon farr Summary: Kirk knew a storm when he saw one, and this had been brewing in quiet desperation for months. When Spock goes into pon farr while he, Kirk, and Uhura are stranded on a planet and needs both humans to save him, uncomfortable truths edge to light. Note: Well, my attempt to write threesome smut turned...

Tags: pairing: kirk spock uhura rating: r genre: smut genre: hurt comfort universe: xi

Posts by st_third_option tagged spock,pairing: kirk 
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Meld heavy K/S/M

I'm looking for an OT3 Fic, wherein McCoy and Kirk have a strange human version of a vulcan bond, and Spock wants in on the sweet telepathic action. It necessitates him having to bond with McCoy and sort of explore McCoy's mindscape. The result is a rare but very fulfiling three - way bond. I might actually be confusing two stories together...but really...how many OT3s are out there anyway, right...

Tags: pairing: kirk spock mccoy theme: telepathy theme: mind meld

Posts by st_ficfinder tagged spock,pairing: kirk 
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I hate it when I lose things.

...of telling Kirk he loves him, he tells McCoy he's leaving StarFleet because he does not have a mate and he is afraid of the next Pon Farr, so McCoy offers, and McCoy and Spock get married without telling Kirk. Spock and McCoy then tell Kirk, who handles it well in front of them, but is really upset when he is by himself.  There is also a sequel, but I don't remember much about it... Links? 8D

Tags: pairing: kirk spock mccoy genre: fic pairing: spock genre: angst genre: slash

Posts by st_ficfinder tagged spock,pairing: kirk 
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Delicious, anyone?

... non-connected pages owned by different people) then could someone please post me the following? Spock/Kirk or Kirk/Spock (any kind will do, thanks) McCoy/Kirk or Kirk McCoy (Again, anything) Spock/Kirk/McCoy or any variation of that (no preferences) Thank you so much for putting up with me. Love, Vixxy P.S. Did you notice the links up there? Would you believe that I just now figured...

Tags: pairing: kirk spock mccoy pairing kirk k s

Posts by st_ficfinder tagged spock,pairing: kirk 
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Of Rabbits and Ale

...were talking to Sarek while we were helping at New Vulcan with some engineering work. He told us about it, and we wanted to try and see if we could get you the same edition as the one your mom used to read.” Leonard stretched out a leg to rest his foot against Spock’s knee. “We wanted to give you something to remember her by, a memory that you’d both shared.” “. . .thank you.”

Tags: pairing: kirk spock mccoy trek: reboot character: spock character: kirk pairing: mcspirk character: mccoy genre: fluff fandom: star trek

Posts by lieutenant_nona tagged spock,pairing: kirk 
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