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Forbidden - Chapter 28 - Giving Chase - ffvii Genesis/Tifa WiP

...and very encouraging. I wish they would give my muse a good kick in the butt. And, NO, this is not the last chapter. When asked for help with a title for this chapter, rageofloki, on Tifa's behalf, suggested "I'm With Stupid". LOL. Poor Reno! But really, Tifa, you should have just sent him packing. Or at least slapped him. Enjoy, fire mystic Giving Chase Tifa couldn't have...

Tags: genesis tifa

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Tifa x Cloud wallpaper

date in the clouds by ~ desert-beauty-sun on deviant ART

Tags: tifa cloud wallpaper final fantasy vii

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Black Stuff-Tifa/Lightning/Yuffie FFVII/FFXIII

Title: Black Stuff Fandom: FFVII/FFXIII Pairing: Tifa/Lightning/Yuffie Prompt: Toxic Rating: T Words: 305 Tifa and Lightning looked at one another before returning their eyes to the black mass on their plates. Yuffie said the black stuff was pancakes but both women were quite certain that pancakes didn't move around like this. Their petite girlfriend was looking from one face to the...

Tags: pairing: lightning tifa yuffie fandom: ffxiii - ogc fandom: ffvii - ac prompt: toxic author: ryu19

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Tender Trap-Lightning/Tifa/Yuffie-FFXIII/FFVII

Title: Tender Trap Fandom: FFXIII, FFVII Pairing: Lighting/Tifa/Yuffie Prompt: Trap Rating: PG Words: 342 Lightning gave a small sigh as she welcomed the morning with some deep, content, breaths. She was trapped by several pairs of arms, their presence soothing now but if she were to try and force her way out, they would tighten in an instant, keeping her in bed. So the Guardian Corps...

Tags: pairing: lightning tifa yuffie fandom: ffxiii - ogc prompt: trap fandom: crossover fandom: ffvii - ogc author: ryu19

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Hit Me With Your Best Shot

Who: Tifa and OPEN What: Anything~ When: NOW Where: The Beach Warnings: Nothing? Will update accordingly. She'd never been one for taking a day off. What for? Back home she had a reason -well two- that would be good enough to closing the bar and doing something that wasn't work. But here, it's all she really had. It kept her busy and she enjoyed the company...for the most part. But today...

Tags: *tifa

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fanfic: Jealousy

Title: Jealousy Pairing:   Cloud/Tifa Fandom: Dissidia Duodecim Rating:   T Warnings:  er... obsessive stalking? Prompt: Obsession is a way of life for some. link to journal entry

Tags: tifa;dissidia 2 dissidia 2 cloud cloti fanfiction tifa

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New Tifa scan

I found this scan from JUMP magazine confirming Tifa will be a playable character in Dissidis 2! *SQUEE* And she doesn't not remember Cloud! source

Tags: tifa;dissidia 2

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FFVII: AC - Reflections

Title: Reflections Genre: Romance Rating: T (Teen and up) Fandom: Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Pairing: Loz/Tifa Summary: Thanks to the advice of little Marlene, Tifa discovers her feelings for Loz. Fanfiction.net? Yes! Communities: ff_fanfiction Author's Note/Disclaimer: I do not own Final Fantasy VII , Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children , any of its official...

Tags: tifa loz final fantasy vii fanfiction.net advent children marlene

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...giving him the run around because she can. "You feel guilt?" he responds flatly. "Well, no. But that isn't important here!" He sighs and gives in. Title: Enjoy Characters/Pairings: Yuffie x Tifa Rating: PG Series: Final Fantasy VII "C'mon, Tifa!" Yuffie cries cheerily, taking both of Tifa's hands in hers and pulling the other woman after her, stumbling a little at the awkwardness...

Tags: pairing: misao aoshi character: aoshi pairing: yuffie tifa vincent character: yuffie elena game: final fantasy vii pairing: elena rude character: misao character: vincent animanga: rurouni kenshin pairing: aeris yuffie

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...and hopes in a lightheaded sort of way that this doesn’t hurt his knees because she’d really like to do this again. Title: Wasted Afternoon Rating: R Character(s)/Pairing: Aerith/Yuffie/Tifa Series: Final Fantasy VII She kisses softly in a circle around Yuffie’s bruised side, flicks her tongue across tanned skinned. Her mouth accompanies the gentle touch of healing magic, soothing...

Tags: webcomic: lackadaisy game: final fantasy vii pairing: ivy viktor pairing: yuffie vincent pairing: aeris tifa yuffie

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